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The role of the Ambassador is one that truly indicates your dipomacy to the world. Although the "spirit" of the CouchSurfing is as unique as every person who travels, we all agree and share a unique similarity. That is that we love the experience, the intensity, the spectacle and the intent of the CS mission. There is no substitute for this amazing experience. As an Ambassador, you are several things: a conduit of information for the organization (both ways!); you are the person that is new to the community looks at with wide-eyed expectations, because you are giving them something that is SO valuable. A gift of an idea that can serve them for a lifetime.

  • Ambassadors maintain an informational link between the CS Management and Founders, and the CS community at large. They participate in discussions regarding the direction of the Project by communicating with each other, and the leadership, and offer support to members.
  • Ambassadors also sometimes volunteer for special teams that require input on a regular basis. Some examples of this are that they can help with translation, answer (Contact Us) questions or welcome new members.
  • Ambassadors may also be responsible for certain areas or regions of the world, acting as contacts for other Ambassadors and Members.
  • To facilitate their work, Ambassadors also have access to special pages and other system information.

There are four levels of Ambassadorship: City, Country, Global, and Nomadic at this time.

For more information about Ambassadors and how you can become one see the Ambassadors page on CouchSurfing.

See also Tech features for ambassadors

Activity ideas for Ambassadors

Once you become an ambassador, there are some things that you may wish to do, to share this amazing community with the world. Below are some examples. Let's be clear though, you do not have to volunteer for any particular task, these are examples and you should use your imagination to create events that resonate your personality and new found diplomacy.

  • Ambassadors will often organize a traditional meet-up in their local community. Common activities include the bar crawl, pot-luck, bowling, trivia night, etc.
  • Regional Meetings organizing local CS meetings is a regular task for City Ambassadors. Try taking this concept one step further. Talk to ambassadors or other active members in nearby communities to organize a big regional meet-up.
  • Invasions get to know your local community and travel at the same time by organizing a CS group to travel to a nearby location. Time your travel to coincide with a CS meet-up in the town you are traveling to. This works best when two active CS communities are close together, such as New York City and Boston or Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Tips for Ambassadors

  • Often, you may be asked to be a moderator of your local group discussions if you are a City Ambassador. If there is no moderator for the place that you live, or a city group, and you would like to participate by starting one there, or joining the moderators of your area, please discuss this with your country contacts.
  • Flag posts that announce upcoming events. Ensure that they get on the 'Events' tab of the website!
  • Take pictures at local CS events and upload them to a photo sharing service and share them with your group!
  • Ever wonder what the "Heard From" tab could be used for or wished the "Greeting" tab would list new users by state/province/region well try this:
    1. go to the Amb tab
    2. click on Heard From
    3. choose your region
    4. Choose your country
    5. choose your state/province/region, and there you have a list of new members with their city
    • Just a note, if you are an Ambassador and your interests lead you to a special team, an appointment in another department, or other situation that will distract you from you roll as an Ambassador, be careful! Do not make your time available to us so slim that we are all asking for your attention at the same time. Please use moderation on how you offer your time, because we will accept!

Ambassadors wish list for site improvements

With so many ideas floating around about how to make CouchSurfing even better, we have established an area for ideas, requests, and even dreams! You never know!

This area is checked on a regular basis by the Ambassador Management Team, so your ideas will get read! You can also contact the Ambassador Management Team (AMT) in the Contact Us section of the website.

You can find the list here: Ambassador Wish List.

Here is my wish: I wish the Ambassador program was open. It has been closed for almost 2 years - since July 2009. I would like to apply.

Here is my second wish: If the Ambassador program is never going to resume I wish someone would just tell us that it's hopeless to dream about becoming a CS Ambassador. And so I will sooner learn to get over my disappointment at not being able to attend events like last summer's First European Ambassadors Meeting (see the News Letter of 28 June 2010 "Ambassadors Rock Out Two Continents"). It looks like everyone was having a jolly good time.

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