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List of books which are about traveling with CS

- Sleeping Around: A Couch Surfing Tour of the Globe by Brian Thacker (2009, English language)

- Down Under - Over Easy: How I Couch Surfed My Way To a Less Expensive Holiday by Joan Trill (2010, English language)

- Na juhoamerickej vlne by Michal Knitl (2010, Slovak language; 30 demo pages; travel diary about 15 months in South America (6 months of volunteering, 4-5 of hiking and 4-5 months couchsurfing with 60 families)

- On the South American Vibe, Volume 1: Uruguay, Argentina, Chile by Michal Knitl (2011, English language, 20 demo pages in English; travel diary about 8 months of volunteering, hiking and couchsurfing in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile - translation from Slovak book "Na juhoamerickej vlne")

If you know about more, please add them!!!

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