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This is part of the CS Magazine that we are working on.
You are looking at drafts which will be revised, edited, and eventually published.


EnigmaX's cover mock up

CS Magazine is written by CouchSurfers. You can click edit right now and start adding a new idea for an article.

Please discuss the issues, the articles, give comments about the articles on the CS Magazine group

see the CS Magazine Guidelines

Already Written Articles and Graphics

Articles which are just ideas

  • Editorial - 1 page. What is couchsurfing? Answers by members by interviewing community and whatever. It is about the people, the community and about the couch.
  • Summary - 1 Page
  • Interview - TeDeVan interview - 4 (interview focused a CS'er doing good through CS. - 4 pages - This couchsurfer wants to talk about your ego. - 4 pages
  • How to build a CS community, an article the the Paris folks - How intercultural exchange can happen within your neighborhood - 4 pages
  • Talk much, say nothing article - 4 pages
  • WIKI and how it fits within the CS Philosophy? - 2 pages
  • Fredrick's Abode
  • Magazine EventsParties Multiple Pages
  • Technology Must have technology when traveling.
  • Book, music reviews. not personal opinions, but a reflection of the community. 1 page
  • Intellectual property Schizophrenia, an article about how all website content, text, images, any data and even critics belongs forever to CS , just like Facebook{r)
  • Politics & Laws Traveling in various areas means different goverment rules and regulations.
  • CSectarianism A crude comparison about CS "enrolment" and cybersectarianism
  • Addicted to CS Spending too much time on the web/cs and less traveling.
  • Why never donate Facts and reasons about the relation of CS organisation towards MONEY - 1 page
  • How to donate
  • How to get unverified Removing your green mark on your profile, and removing the annoying bla-bla-bla "get verified" stuff if you are NOT verified - 1 page
  • Couchsurfing experience: The Moscow Case. 2 pages

bold articles are nearing completion, that is, not too many, on December 7. Check the longest pages on this wiki and consider using them...

Themes and goals for CS Magazine

EnigmaX's inside page

Look n'feel

Lots of art is highly encouraged. Artistic in a sense that lots of colors and variety of any kind can and shouldbe used. What we don't want to see is cookie-cutter standard corporate magazine art, like a sports magazine or a car magazine. Maybe black and white funky photography? The feel of a local art gallery? Stuff that you may find on [1]? Think of old LP covers art, antique cars with a pink barbie head painted on the hood. Try to make ART!


I would like to see a different editor for every issue, chosen from the CS membership. The editor could decide what available submissions would go in. This would be a good way of making sure that we get content in which people are interested in.

  • They would need to join a group or a place and maybe offer few hours a week in support/editing and or article writing. Picking random people will not work or be willing to dedicate time.


Joep's cover mock up

Joep: Well, my feeling about the CS magazine is something like this. Let me know!

  • I think it's great! GuakaTalkCS 17:36, 26 November 2006 (EST)
  • i think i'm going to have a great time in here, i'm ready to set out on this way with CS:yay: Seb_comsaTalkCS 16:11, 4 December 2006(GMT+2)

Publishing Ideas

  • Q. Are you involved in printing a magazine? would you like to help?
    • A. Yes but I do not see a press/printing company absorb all the cost, maybe a discount but we do not have a full
      magazine or support to go to press. I suggest to wait and maybe publish quarterly, 100+ pages style mag. full color like the rare, snowboarding magazine I get @ home. They're huge, well their part is mostly advertising new gear. EnigmaXTalkCS


"Publish and sell easily within minutes. No set-up fees. No minimum order. Keep control of the rights. Set your own price. Each product is printed as it is ordered. No excess inventory" LuLu.Com



No setup fees or minimum quantities. Black and white books with full color covers. Choose from Saddle Stitch, Wire-O or Perfect Bound binding options. Choose from 5 book sizes. Visit CafePress

Some earth-friendly company who uses recycled paper

Do you know such a company? Add it here!

  • Well there are many, Starbucks uses recycled paper for their cups.
    But do they deserve to be in the mag? Nope.. Too corporate. EnigmaXTalkCS


  • Should we use Zinio.com for online publishing?


I publish menus, logos, banners, and many other things, such as artist's websites. I'd like to get involved. Is anyone drawing up cover design / logo layout?

Check Cover:

Magazine Organization

The magazine is written for CouchSurfers, by CouchSurfers. It shouldn't be a 'one-person only' project. Anyone can create articles, design graphics, post pictures, change layouts, edit articles on the wiki.

The issues that we encounter is:

  • Q. who decides of what articles are published?
    • A. When we have enough, suddenly a PDF file/magazine will appear or sent over to 3-4 top people for proofing/editing and opinions.
      Otherwise we will end up with 3 different versions. But what will happen is mostly COPY/Past from Wiki into the magazine.
  • Q. how do we know that an article is ready?
    • A. Links or articles that are on the CS Magazine in bold typed are ready to be published or near.
  • Q. between several designs, who decides which one is going to be published?
    • A. I think it will come down to who has the most time to put it together.
      Who puts it together and keeps it updated would stick, after review and opinions a final would be released.
  • etc.

A solution could be to have a comittee- a team of ten people involved in the magazine- deciding on those matters. For each issue, the comittee would be composed of different couchsurfers.

They would have to have the articles ready for a pre-set deadline.

Ideas of articles

Don't hesitate to post your ideas for articles, or to write your own articles. You might see them on the CS Magazine!

  • Projects made by travelers and shared in the comunity
  • Love : did you meet your /girlfriend/boyfriend doing CS ? Was your current partner your CS guest or host ? How did it happen ? Tell us all!!
  • Couch Critic: what kind of host and travelers we dont like and why;
  • Culture shock: don't you ever feel strange when you're travelling, as if you didn't belonged there and that you had no idea of what was going on around you. How does it feel? How can you overcome it?
  • Happiness. A series of articles that show all facets of happiness to all of us, explaining what is happiness and what can we make of happiness and what helps us to become happiness.
  • Syria
  • New Caledonia: why aren't there more Kanak Couch Surfers? What is that country about?
  • The 22nd Cliff: gossip about what's happening at the Collective!
  • being unofficial: how does it feel? All that we're doing at the Collective is UNOFFICIAL. That's why it works so well, that we get things done. No more hierarchy. Just edit!
  • you computer freak, go get a life! It's sunny outside and you've been working for hours. You don't even have an idea of what's going on in the world anymore. How could you computer force you to go out after you've been working so many hours in a row?
  • Couch Hitchhiking
  • Couch Concerts
  • What's In A Name: Munich or Munchen? New Zealand or Aotearoa? Bombay or Mumbai? Should CouchSurfing be using the Anglo name or the name used by locals? Is it culturally insensitive to use Anglo instead of indeginous names?
  • Message in a Battle: an article about how important the moments of fear and insecurity are to us, and that we must learn from our negative experiences. the art would be a bottle floating around the water with faces inside.
  • Photo trips: best photos, chosen by users from CS
  • Unbillicoaster of Life: the representation of life's positive and negative sides, as a series of upds and downs that all form a great fun ride. Graphics will be quite important on this
  • It is not about me: an interview with Casey handing out power to the people. The imagery would be a collage of a person handing out the world to everyone.
  • Faith and faces: holy shit. article about faith and religion. Someone here at the collective gets photographed and we collage with Jesus, Buda, etc.
  • Interview: TeDeVan
  • Talk Much, Say Nothing. article about communication. people that talk a lot but say nothing. image is of a person without eyes and ears, with its mouth stapled and a long tongue. have a heart wrapped with barbed wire in the chest.
  • Stuffed: travel gear
  • On the Red Couch: road interview with random CouchSurfers
  • RudeBox: rants and complaints
  • Off the beaten track: Couches in random/obscure locations
  • Surf my couch members tell us what is so great about their couch
  • Host me Feature a member preparing a big trip
  • Country Features and CouchSurfing Trips
  • CS Community Interview members of a strong CS local community (like Paris or Mumbai) and ask some questions about how the community was formed and got stronger and why they feel having a strong local community is important
  • CS blogroll: active couchsurfer blogs to keep an eye on
  • Round-the-World couchsurfing stories
  • Tips and tricks for on the road (1000 uses of duct tape, how to prepare for your working holiday visa inspection)
  • Local oddity of the week (like naked saunaing in Finland) what's odd about that? --Metal.lunchbox 09:57, 15 November 2006 (EST) (well combine that with roll in the snow or jump into a hole in the ice & enjoyed co-ed ;) Anu 05:53, 16 November 2006 (EST)
  • Book reviews / recommendations (when written by couchsurfers, should definitely point out to some interesting reading material that might be hard to find otherwise)
  • Movie Reviews (same thing)
  • CouchDoctor: Staying healthy 'on the road'
  • CouchSurfing Hymn: it's a pity that CouchSurfing does not have an hymn, isn't it? Many CouchSurfers are musicians (i.e. like to play instruments) and writers (i.e. like to play with words), so why shouldn't we all together write the CouchSurfing Hymn? We then release it under a Creative Commons licence so that all the CouchSurfers of the world can play it, improve it, contribute to it! And yes, even Gilberto Gil will be allowed to sing it! ;-)
  • CouchSurfing Piece: a musical, a theather piece, ...
  • Food/Gastronomy Lovers: a restaurant guide similar to the underground gourmet
  • cheap travel and transportation tips
  • an outlet to focus attention on freedom of expression and civil rights
  • CouchFood: Type of food in each country, problem for vegan/vegetarian traveller!
  • Chat History: Chat log or at least let them know we have a chatroom and what's going on there once in awhile.
  • CouchTours: Photo essays of couch surfers bringin their couches for walks around their community with explanations of what makes their home special.
  • Reverse Culture Shock: Coming back from being abroad and learning how to readjust to things that were once familiar.
  • Connecting Again: Various members, possibly sharing their experiences and such.
  • Calendar: Calendar of events taking place across the globe (festivals, parades, parties, conventions, etc.)
  • Magazine Ads. Multiple pagescsgroup:4063
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