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Welcome to the CouchSurfing video project. This page changes frequently so be sure to check back often! All the videos here were submitted by members like you. We welcome your feedback about the videos you can also discuss the videos with other members. You can submit your own videos too.

Featured Videos


Since we can't display every video on this page, the featured videos you see here are chosen by a team of volunteers. We welcome video submissions from all members from professional documentaries to personal video-blogs. You can submit a video too!

More Member Submitted Videos

This page just displays the featured videos, but members have submitted many more videos. Check them out!

Even More Videos

Still want more? Try these links:

The War on Them

The War on Them is an interactive TV show that was produced by CouchSurfing members. The show is no longer in production, but you can view all of the view previous episodes.

Join the mailing list to be notified when new episodes are available and to communicate with the producer/stars of the show.
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