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CouchSurfing.com for Dummies

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The CouchSurfing.com website is growing fast, not just in terms of new members, but also new features. This project has two objectives. One is to create a very detailed manual of the CouchSurfing.com website that includes every feature on every page and how to use each one. The other is to create a set of tutorials that use easy to understand language to walk members through the pages and features on the website. Ultimately, the share the same content, but in very different formats. This page is named after the popular For Dummies book series.



  1. Cheat Sheet
  2. Profiles
    1. Creating
    2. Editing
  3. Meet People
    1. My First Couch
    2. CouchSearch
    3. Meetings
    4. Writing a couch request
  4. Communicate
    1. Message
    2. Groups
  5. Learn
    1. Tips
    2. Info
  6. Participate
    1. Refer
    2. Ambassadors
    3. Volunteer
    4. Collectives

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When these tutorials are good enough, it will be possible to have links to them from various pages on CouchSurfing.com. Or they might be incorporated into the site itself. For instance, a tutorial the walks new visitors to CS through the registration process and makes it easy and exciting for them to fill out their profiles. While the manual is dry and technical, the tutorials are written in a style that is light, funny, simple and enthusiastic!

  • How to find a host
  • My first couchsurfer
  • What's in my profile?

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