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Purpose of this Category

  • If you need help with this wiki, you can contact the users in this category.
  • Users in this category have probably added the Template:Willing to help to their user page. This means they are willing to assist anywhere they can, most likely because they want to foster participation on this wiki.
  • If you want to be a helpful user yourself, add {{Willing to help}} to your user page. This will automatically put you into this category, and a dd a box to your page that looks like this:
Ask me if you need help with this wiki!

Use my talk page or contact me through my cs mail if you need help with anything on this wiki.
Other help might be found in the Category:Helpful users and on the page Help:Contents.
Also, the Couch surfing Wiki group might be a good place to ask for assistance.
This user either has a helper's syndrome or is overly motivated to make this wiki a lively place, or both.
Your request for help will make them happy.


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