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Officially, CouchSurfing is a Non-Profit Corporation.

What is CouchSurfing according to CouchSurfers?

  • from Triple: Imagine belonging to a team of adventurers from around the world....
  • from Leo: "Imagine a group of friends, people just like you, about 200 thousand to be "exact", present in 210 countries and every continent including Antarctica, that instead of staying at a hotel or hostel when traveling, they stay at each other's homes. Hence they "Surf Couches". What happens is that by entering each other's circle of intimacy, someone else's home, usually there is a chance to develop a friendship that would most likely not happen at a different environment. There is a chance to share more stories and observe each other's behavior, culture and history. The term social intimacy travel is then born. Hospitality, long lost practice lost to corporations and busy lifestyles, is re-instated and practiced, while people expand their families and circle of friends to a global level. Welcome to the CS Family, and why not stay in your place tonight?"

From others:

  • A free couch.
  • New friends from all over the world.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Sharing.
  • a cool travel tool
  • A network of like minded people all over the world.
  • Friends all around the globe even if you don't know them yet.
  • Non-monetary exchange of services.
  • It's about the people not about the couch.

CouchSurfing also has a Mission statement.


It is about a transformation Power of the network


  • "[i]ndividuals can do more in loose affiliation with others, rather than requiring stable, long-term relations or participation in formal organizations, to underwrite effective cooperation."
  • "The very fluidity and low commitment required of any given cooperative relationship increases the range and diversity of cooperative relations people can enter ... "

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