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Easy Ways to Participate

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Quick Ways To Get Involved and Create a Stronger Network

How can I participate right now?

These are important and fun ways your can participate from where you sit. Take a few minutes and help create a better world.

Make a Donation

  • CouchSurfing could not exist without member donations. Choose your own donation amount and choose where your money goes.

Expand Your Knowledge

  • Visit the CouchSurfing library how to use the site to the fullest, how to be a better member, and how to build our community.

Submit News

  • Get the word out about CouchSurfing happenings.

Set Up a Meeting

  • Create a CouchSurfing social to meet the other couchsurfers in your local area.

Meet a Local CouchSurfer (under construction)

  • Have a coffee or a chat with an individual couchsurfer in your local area.

Edit Your Local Area Guide

  • Write advice for other couchsurfers visiting you local area.

Take a Member Survey

  • Give your opinion on issues you care about.

Refer Your Friends

  • Send emails to invite your friends to become CouchSurfing members.

Promote CouchSurfing

  • Hand out CS business cards, put a link on your website or Buy products with the CS logo.

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