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Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexual travelers

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Tips for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender CouchSurfers

  1. Check the LGBT Queer CouchSurfers Group and the others related.
  2. Remember that the majority of larger cities are more tolerant of LGBT people than rural areas. How you respond to this is up to you. Some people may choose to keep a lower profile in more unaccepting places. Others may chose to be totally out and use the opportunity to educate and try to spread tolerance. Remember to keep your safety in mind and don't try too hard to get your point across. Unfortunately, you can't change a closed mind.
  3. Research local newspapers, newsletters and online magazines about concerns in the gay community within the area you are visiting. The majority of large cities have periodicals sections dedicated to "gay-friendly" events.
  4. If you are surfing and are treated poorly by a host, leave immediately. Contact the Safety Administrator. and write a detailed account of your situation. CouchSurfing does not tolerate prejudice in any form, and will take measures to learn more about what has happened in order to protect you and future surfers.

What if you have complaints about your host? Or your host exhibited inappropriate behavior?

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Leave a detailed, factual, non-disparaging reference about what actually happened with your experience. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! List reasons why you did not have a good experience, be truthful but refrain from becoming emotional or personally insulting in your writing. Do not slur your host, but warn others. Do not be concerned about what future hosts will think about your reference for another person. GOOD HOSTS WILL RESPECT YOU and bad hosts will avoid you. You are strengthening the integrity of the network! You are helping out future surfers who consider this host. You are doing a service for the project.
  3. Contact the Safety Administrator[Broken link]. Tell them as many details as possible about your experience. CouchSurfing will investigate and determine the best course of action.
  4. In emergency situations, report the incident to the local police. Always know emergency phone numbers and where police stations are located in every city you enter.
Based on work by JASEMBERA

Giving Advice: As you travel you may find some groovy gay or gay friendly bars or clubs or hostels or whatever - why not leave a mention of them in the locations guide or in the discussion for this page? It could be useful for future travellers. Likewise, if you have a bad experience somewhere, this is a good way to notify others.


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