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History of CouchSurfing

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Map of CouchSurfing History

History of CouchSurfing



01/01/2003 - CS Beta launched, not very functional but it included a few basic things.


Early 2004 - CS 1.0 Launched, all core features working, i.e.:

  • messages
  • couch search
  • profile

Fall - The groups feature was added.



March - Chat server and chat feature added.

??? - The meetings feature was added.

??? - The photos feature was added.


Early 2006 - Precollective in Hawaii, group digests feature added, several servers added including chat server.

June to August - The Montreal Collective took place.

August 2nd - The community reached 100,000 members!


The first Collective started in June 2006 in Montreal. The CouchSurfing Wiki was launched in August.

In July 2006 a European Collective is held in Vienna, Austria.

The New Zealand Collective started in November 2006.

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