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How to create a new wiki page

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Creating a new page from a link

  • This is always a good way to do it, that way your page will already have a connection to other wiki pages.
  1. Click edit on the page from which you want the new page to be linked from. If you don't know yet which page your new page should be linked from, just create a link on your user own page (link on the very top of every page showing your username) for now.
  2. You create a link like this: [[Montreal]] will show up as Montreal. If you want to display another text for the link than just the page title: [[Montreal|The city page for Montreal that i'm working on]] will show up as The city page for Montreal that i'm working on.
  3. Save your edit.
  4. Click on the red link you just created.

Creating after "unsuccessfully" searching

  1. Go to Special:Search to see if a page with that title already exists.
  2. The results will tell you on the top "You searched for (the term you searched for)". If that term is red, there is no page with that title yet. Click the red link to create it. If it's blue, that page already exists.
  3. Under Page text matches the search results display pages that contained your search term. Please check if any of those articles already contain the information you wanted to put on the new page. If not, go ahead!
  4. If you do it this way, you should think about linking your page from somewhere else, otherwhise it will hardly be found.

Creating a new page by editing the url

  1. Go to any normal page on the wiki, such as: http://wiki.couchsurfing.com/en/Las_Vegas
  2. Change the last part of the url to whatever the new page should be, such as: http://wiki.couchsurfing.com/en/Ice_weasels
  3. Load the edited url, and you will get a blank page, that is all ready for you to start editing.
  4. Then put a relevant link to your new page from somewhere else

Adding text to the new page

  1. Write down your stuff on the new page. Don't worry about formatting or spelling errors, mistakes, that will be taken care of later!
  2. There's a number of different ways to create links in this wiki, internal, external, to other wikis, as well as to cs profiles and groups.
  3. You can add any of the existing useful templates for example a city template and a country template. They can be helpful for navigation. To see the city template in use, check the example of Nashville.
  4. You add an image by using [[Image:name of image.jpg|alternative text]].
  5. If you need help with a page, you might want to include the help template by adding {{help}}.
  6. Include a category for your page by putting [[Category:Name of Category]] on the bottom. Check out existing categories to see where your page might fit, if nowhere, using a new name will create a new category.
  7. If your article is far from being finished and is in need of extension, add the stub template by putting {{Stub}} on the bottom. it will also make it easier for other users looking for articles that they can contribute to.

Other resources

Have fun, and remember, you can't really break anything...

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