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This page is about helping you to plan & organize events on CouchSurfing


How to Create an Event

  • Go to the Events page by clicking "Create Events" under the Community Tab at the top menu.
  • Fill out the appearing form properly
  • Press the "Save Event" button

All dates are in U.S. format (MM/DD/YY). You can input the dates as follows: Oct 23, 2011 (or whatever variation of that) but the dates will still be shown in U.S. format on the Events page.

Categories and Examples of Events

  • Meetup (Dinner or drinks with the local surfers)
  • Excursion (Group trip through the city, or to dinner and a museum - get group discounts!)
  • Music (Concert)
  • Film (Movie theatre)
  • Dance (Salsa lessons)
  • Culture (Museum or sightseeing)
  • Education (Local workshop or speech)
  • Flash Mobs (Mass pillow fight!)

Spread the Word (Event Promotion)

  • Post in connected groups
  • Mail group members (you must be member of that group, and your email must be approved by an Administrator)

1.) On your Event page, click 'send out meeting invitations'

2.)Click 'Post message to selected Groups'

3.) Click 'Save and Send Message as Soon as Possible'

  • Mail via CouchSearch results (your email must be approved by an Administrator)

1.) Do a CouchSearch for people in your area who have a relevant KEYWORD (ex. for a tv-series-watching night, search for 'True Blood'; or for LANGUAGE (ex. for a Spanish-language exchange, under the Language drop-down, pick 'Spanish')

2.) On your Event page, Click 'send out meeting invitations'

3.) Click 'send to CouchSearch results' and choose your most recent CouchSearch

4.) Click 'Save and Send Message as Soon as Possible'

Events shouldn't be used to...

  • Find a couch or someone to show you around a new place. For this, please use CouchSearch
  • Find travel mates. To find travelers to join, try posting your plans to the relevant local/global group

Events features

  • To RSVP an existing meeting click on the 'Respond to this meeting'
  • To add another person as an organizer (so they can edit the event and send messages to attendees), click 'See all meeting members'. Below the person's picture, click 'Make into Organizer.'
  • To send messages to event attendees, click 'Send out meeting invitations.' Edit the Message Text information (with, say, your address and contact number), then, from the drop-down menus, choose 'yes' next to 'Send yourself a copy' and 'Send to Meeting Members.' At the bottom of the screen, click 'Save and Send as Soon as Possible.'
  • After attending the meeting, go back and click on My meeting settings. Then change your status to Attended and you can share photos as well.couchsurfing:meetings.html

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