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Middle aged CouchSurfing

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Middle aged CouchSurfing

While CouchSurfing can be relatively effortless for young people, some middle-aged people may have a different experience. Bear this in mind, middle-years members, when you are searching, and concentrate on those members who have shown to be accommodating to all.

On the other hand, there are some hosts who have a preference toward middle-aged surfers and the stability, respect, quiet maturity and interesting experiences that they may bring to a host's surroundings. Some hosts often enjoy visiting different places in their city with guests (because there is so much to do in large cities), but younger guests are often unwilling or unable to pay for entertainment, which restricts joint activities and dining options.

There are many young people who are involved in the CouchSurfing Project, but it is still very relevant and beneficial to older travelers. Travelers of different ages may have different needs and wants. This doesn't mean that old and young should be discouraged from meeting, hosting and sharing experiences. It is also about sharing these experiences with people who might be of a similar age or who have similar backgrounds, being parents, grandparents, running a business, etc.

"A personal note: Hi there, I am gadget, and I am the Global Ambassador Management Coordinator for CS! I am 46! There is a real, definite and secure place for CS in the lives of us late baby boomers! I have had SO many great experiences! This is an amazing process and group of people. I would heartily suggest that you give it a try! Want to surf and/or host with others of like mind and age? Use the search tools and let your conscience be your guide! Best of luck and you can always reach me at [email protected] with your questions, comments or concerns."

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