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Milano is the capital of Lombardia, the financial heart of Italy and one of the most populated and economically developed areas in Europe. The municipality proper has approximately 1.350.000 inhabitants, but the metropolitan area sports about 4.5 millions people. Milano is well known as one of the european fashion and football capitals, but also as one of the most active cities in Italy for culture and politics. Going for an aperitivo (take one drink before dinner, eat whatever from the open buffet table) is very popular every day of the week.

Architectonically and urbanistically less spectacular than the cities like Florence, Rome and Venice, Milano is anyway a city with lots of hidden pearls (in terms of culture, art, music, fun). We hope you'll follow us into small pubs, courtyards, backyards, suburbs, churches, museums, discos, squats and other unusual places. Milano, during the centuries before the independence of Italy, was dominated by french, spaniards and austrians. You can still find a sign of this into the topography, the dialect (which includes german and french words) and the food (that is a complete diet based on recipes that are a mix of mitteleuropean and italian ingredients) Basically there are different kind of Milano; you can find a lot here, depending on what and where you look for it. This Wiki page is currently maintained by the group itself and will contain informations about our Milano.


Getting here

GOOGLE MAP FOR COUCHSURFERS: http://g.co/maps/qzpzm

By train

In Milan there are several train stations. The most important is the Central Station (Stazione Centrale[1]), other main train stations are Stazione Garibaldi and Stazione Cadorna. All the most important Milan train stations have a underground connection, that allows you to go in every area of the city. For all the info of the trains in Italy, you can check on the official website of Trenitalia.

For some regional connections you can use "Ferrovie Nord" or "Trenord" trains

From the airports to the city

If you are coming to Milan by plane, you will arrive in one of these 3 airports: Linate (code: LIN), Malpensa (code: MXP) and Orio al Serio (code: BGY).

[map of the airport connections]

Malpensa (MXP)

It's the most important airport near Milan. Built on 2000, it was created specifically for International Flights. Malpensa Airport is located far outside of the city of Milan, almost 50 Km from the city center. There are 2 different Terminal (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2), connected with a free internal bus. Remember to check your terminal, to avoid last-minute panic run to the check-in gate! All the Easyjet flights are on the Terminal 2.

From Malpensa Airport to Milan you can take:
- The train called "Malpensa Express". It leaves only from the Terminal 1 of the airport, it makes several stops, and it takes you all the way to Milano city center at Cadorna Train Station.
- One of the trains connecting Malpensa to Stazione Centrale
click here for a complete list of trains doing the Milano-Malpensa trip
- One bus that go from Malpensa Airport to Milano Stazione Centrale. The bus starts every 20 or 30 minutes both from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and it needs 45-50 minutes to arrive to Milan. You can buy the ticket from the driver of the bus. time table of Malpensa Shuttle Bus

Linate (LIN)

Also called "Enrico Forlanini Airport", it is the oldest airport of Milano, and it's really close to the city. The most important domestic flights land in this airport, but Linate is very well connected also with the most important european cities, like Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Madrid.

Linate is not connected to the city by train or underground. So, if you don't want a taxi, you should take the bus:
- Starfly Bus company allows you to arrive to Lambrate Train Station and Central Station. You can buy the ticket from the driver of the bus. It's suggested if you need to take a train for another city.
- ATM is the Bus company of Milan that, also, controls the underground connections. From Linate Airport take Bus 73, direction "San Babila M1". The bus arrives to Piazza San Babila, in the center of the city (Be careful! Take the bus "73" direction "San Babila M1", and not the bus "73/". The bus "73/" doesn't go to Milan but it goes to the opposite direction, outside the city!). map of Linate connections

Orio al Serio (BGY)

The airport of Bergamo/Orio al Serio is the most used by couchsurfers because the most important low-cost airlines land there. It's connected with some Italian cities and some of the most important european airports. Orio al Serio Airport is located near Bergamo, a beautiful city 60 Km far from Milano. Bus companies connect Orio al Serio airport to Milano with a 50 minutes trip to Milan Central Station. You can buy the ticket from the driver. There are also bus connecting the airport to Bergamo city.
The airport is open all night, and it is possible to sleep there in case of departure in the very early morning or arrival in the late night.
more info here

Going around

Public transportation

ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanese) is the Company that organizes public transportation in Milan. You can go almost anywhere in Milano with buses, trams and underground (subway).
You can create your trip with:
- interactive map called GIROMILANO
- PDF of city center transport
- PDF of underground


The most important areas of Milan (Duomo, Central Train Station, Cadorna Station, Sempione Park) are connected by underground. In Milan there are three underground lines: the red line (or line 1), the green line (or line 2) and the yellow line (or line 3). You will also find a suburban train line, called Passante, which is basically another underground line connecting a few stations in the center with several destinations in the hinterland. The underground is efficient and fast, and it's the best way to move around Milan. You can take buses or trans too, which might be a good option for some sightseeing. If you need more info, you can click on ATM official website (english version). [www.atm-mi.it/it/ViaggiaConNoi/PublishingImages/rete_metro.jpg Map of the Milano underground]

Buses and Trams

Buses and trams are everywhere and will get you everywhere in Milan and surroundings.


One of the most convenient ways to arrive in Milan is by carpooling: you can split the costs and make the journey cheaper.

Try www.carpooling.it to get to Milan.

Some Tips- Who knows? Might help you!

Choose the tickets you're buying carefully: the standard ticket costs € 1.50 and it's valid for one trip in the subway (line changes included) and unlimited trips on surface lines for 90 minutes. It's better to choose a 1-day ticket (it costs € 4.50 and it works for 24 hours) or the 2-day ticket (it costs € 8.25 and it works for 48 hours). The tickets can be bought in bars or newsstands as well as in all underground stations, thanks to automatic machines where you can use both cash and credit cards.

Taxi service

Taxis are kind of expensive here, compared to other parts of Europe. If you're a foreigner, beware of the bill, as some taxi drivers try to take advantage of the language gap. So, better take the public transportation or walk!

Milano by foot

The historical center of Milano is relatively small, and can be easily visited walking. A good suggestion is to arrive in San Babila Square (Bus: 73; Underground M1 - Red Line) and follow Corso Vittorio Emanuele (a street full of shops and bars) until the Duomo cathedral. From Piazza Duomo you can proceed to Via dei Mercanti and Via Dante: you will arrive in Piazza Cairoli, in front of the "Castello Sforzesco" Castle. If you really feel like walking more, you can pass across the Castello to get to the nice Parco Sempione, and then again walk until the Arco della Pace (smaller copy of the french "Arc de Triomphe").
The other very touristical area of Milano, the "Navigli", is also perfect to be discovered by walking.

Generally, we suggest to walk around Milano, also in the suburbs, lifting your head to the sky, as the street in Milano are quite narrow and it is a pity not to observe the houses. For instance, there is a lot of Liberty style around the city, although most of people don't know about it.

Bike in Milan

Consider this possibility when you plan your visit to Milano. It may be a bit adventorous, compared to the North Europe standards, but we highly suggest to rent a bike during your days in milano and have a different look on the city! Like other cities, also Milano has a public bike sharing project called Bikemi. http://www.bikemi.com/

For more information about anything bike-related you can ask Lorenzo or Valeria about it, or go to the CS Milano Bike Group

Car Renting & Car Sharing

If you need to rent a car in Milan, consider these "green" car-rental servicies:

E-VAI Car Sharing https://www.e-vai.com

GuidaMi Car Sharing http://www.atm-mi.it/it/GuidaMi

The Group: Milano Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing helps you to travel around the world, find a place where to sleep during your stay and, more important, to meet new people. To improve the possibility of new friendship during your travel, a good idea is joining the local group. And if you want to meet new people from Milan, you have to join Milano Couchsurfing, the official group of Milan. Milano Couchsurfing is one of the biggest group in all of Europe, with more than 14.000 members ready to host you, show you the city and have fun with you during many meetings and events.
We also have an [official website] that we use to manage the "big" meetings

Emergency Couch

If you need for an Emergency Couch, you can post your request here: Milan SOS Couch.

Please use this Group only if needed and please read guidelines before posting, thank you.


Milan has 2 Ambassadors (Maurizio Mangano and (Paolo Centofanti). Feel free to send a mail to them if you need information about Milan and about our group.


List of events by Milano CS
It's not only the Ambassadors who love to organize parties, cultural or musical meetings and "aperitivi". Everyone who has an idea for the evening, or the weekend, proposes it, so there are 3-4 meetings during a week. And our meetings are open to all Couchsurfers who want to join in and have a nice evening with friends!

If you are coming to Milan, join the group Milano Couchsurfing and check all the posts to know when it'll be the next meeting.

If you are hosted by a Milano Couchsurfing group's member, ask him to propose a meeting, like an aperitivo. Or, more simply, you can leave a post where you explain that you want to meet some local couchsurfers! We love meeting new people, and we are sure you'll enjoy our company!

"High season"

In Milano we usually have a peak of requests in the following periods:
1) April: "Saloni del Mobile" (forniture and design expo). During the Saloni week end the city is invaded by designer and architects, and it is impossibile to find a hotel/hostel/couch/bridge to sleep. BEWARE!!!
2) August: All the italians are in holiday and travelling around the world. The city is a complete desert. Very hard to find a couch.
3) September: CS MILANO BIRTHDAY PARTY. Last year we had 500 visitors from all around the world.
4) December: we have a peak of requests and a lack of couch for Christmas/NYE, so be careful.

Asking for hospitality

Remember that Couchsurfing is not a free hostel website. That means that you can be ready to sleep in a bed or in a couch or in maitress on the floor. Who knows? But you can be sure that your future host will explaine to you what he/she has to offer to you (if it is not written yet on his profile page). Also, most of Milan's Couchsurfers work, so if you are hosted in midweeks, maybe you have to wake up early in the morning. But, also, you have the possibility to meet the city and the people living there, have parties with your host and live unforgettable experiences. This is the Couchsurfing philosophy.

So, before sending a request:

  • remember how to write a CouchRequest, there are tips that can help you for choosing your host.
  • It's better if you use the Couchsearch! button. Because you can check the profiles and ask the CouchSurfer you prefer. In this way you’ll have the chance to know better who your potential host is (we are sure it is your concern to know where you’ll end up sleeping!). And the hosts enjoy more if they are chosen. It's better than leaving a message saying: "hi, i'm coming next month. who wants to host me?", because it looks like it doesn't matter who will host you, but it looks like you care only about have a couch.
  • Try to search Couchsurfers inside and outside the city of Milan. The most of the towns near Milan (Novara, Varese, Bergamo, Piacenza, Lodi) has good trasport connection by train or bus, and these allows you to reach the city center at least in one hour (or more less, depends of the town).
  • Once you've selected some people, be clear in your request; specify when you will be arriving and when you will be leaving.
  • Be sure you thoroughly read your potential host’s profile. Do not ask for things that are already included in it!
  • Have your own profile properly filled, including some picture. Let your perspective host be able to understand what kind of person you are.
  • Explain your plans. Are you coming for a cultural visit or to enjoy the nightlife? Do you intend to sleep late or wake up early? ... These types of information will help the host decide whether he/she will take you in or not.
  • Write your couch request with the right advance. Some people write requests several months before they arrive (it can be too much) or just a couple of days before (too short notice). A 2-4 weeks notice would be ideal.
  • If you want to surf together with your partner or friends, specify if they are registered at CS as well, and eventually add a link to their profiles.
  • Obviously, if you are in troubles or you haven't found a couch and the time of your departure is coming short, let's try to leave a post on the Milan SOS Couch Group, as your last chance. Maybe someone will be able to help you!

The Subgroup "Rent a Room in Milan"]

The group
If you are planning to live in Milan, you will need a place to stay. Be it a whole apartment or a small room, follow our small advice for anyone who wants to live in our city.

Milan is expensive and the cost of the rent is one of the reasons. Renting a house with one room, a little kitchen and a bathroom/toilette costs 600/800 euros. Of course it will depend on how big the flat will be, but consider that you have to add taxes and maintainance costs, which can change depending on each house/building; sometimes it can be included in the rental, sometimes it can be north of 200 euros.

Another idea is to share a house with some flatmates. A spare room costs around 400-500 euros, and maintainance costs are included (and of course, these ones are shared with your flatmates). If you're looking for a cheaper solution, a bed in a double room costs 250 to 400 euros. Prices depend of the size of the room, but this is the average.

Another advice might be to look for a house/room through italian websites; sometimes people raise prices when renting rooms to foreign people. Some of the most popular websites:

Kijiji - Appartamenti (renting houses)
Kijiji - Stanze e posti letto (renting rooms)
Bakeca - Stanze e posti letto (renting rooms)
Bakeca - Appartamenti (renting houses)

We are deeply sorry, but the language is only Italian. But if you want to find a good place to stay, this one can be a good opportunity to improve your italian, as well.

This said, we wish you all to find a place in a CouchSurfing house because it will make for the best possible experience you can have.

Opinions and suggestions from CouchSurfers

Before you start your visit, please take a bit of time to read this, as you can find already several good tips from local and international CS people about Milano here

Free events in this expensive city here: here

And if you're interested in second hand shopping in Milano, check this other thread

And if you're interested in a bike tour around the city, here are some tips and suggestions from Valeria
: Vale's Milano by bike Guide

Here is a detailed map suggested by Maurizio
with some interesting spots in the city and the bike sharing stations too: Mau's Map

Enjoy then your time in the city and also contribute after adding there some of your favourite spots and discoveries!:)

PS And if you want to contribute to this with some more infos and suggestions, feel free to do it!:) You can read more about this here

Visiting Milano

Map of Milano for CS

There are so many places to visit in the city. Architecture, art, buildings, history, churches, galleries, streets, parks, museums... all this is Milan. It actually take some time to discover this city, as the most beautiful things aren't sometimes easy to be found. But, if Milano, is obviously less spectacular than other italian historical cities, one good point here is that you can find whatever you look for, depending on your point of view. Because it is a rich city, not only economically, but also culturally. The best is then to ask the locals about their view on the city, their city, as there could be many Milano into one. So, in case you have enough days for this, but take your time to explore the city (maybe with a bike could be suggested) and get lost into it, trying to find your favourite corners.


Other churches suggested are: San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore (one of the most beautiful jewels in Milano with all the frescos from Bernardino Luini, simply magnificent!), Abbazia di Chiaravalle, San Nazaro in Brolo, San Fedele, but you can have more suggestion from Wikipedia

If you look then for something macabre but spectacular, look for the bones&skeletons chapel in San Bernardino alle Ossa (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiesa_di_San_Bernardino_alle_Ossa). And once you're there, walk 'til the Università Statale (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universit%C3%A0_degli_Studi_di_Milano), the ancient hospital of the city, simply great with all the courtyards and medieval decorations.

Please find a more complete list here: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiese_di_Milano


Other monuments can be found on Wikipedia.


The most famous are:
Duomo's Museum
Palazzo di Brera
Leonardo's "The Last Supper"
Milan Aquarium
Castello Sforzesco (more info on Wikipedia)

A little and lovely hidden treasure in Milano is the archeological museum into an old monastery, in corso Magenta (Cadorna metro stop; http://www.policultura.it/cd/romana); it is for free every friday afternoon, the location is great and very calm and there are roman walls and tower that are impressive.

You can find a list and update about public museums in town here: http://www.comune.milano.it/dseserver/webcity/Documenti.nsf/webHomePage?OpenForm&settore=SVIY-5HNGBA_HP

The Last Supper (L'Ultima Cena)

The Last Supper of CS Milano

The masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci is located in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and it is one of the most famous paintings in the world. The fresco has been restored several times and it is extremely fragile: to keep it in good shape and avoid ploblems it can be visited only by a small amount of visitors for a very short time. If you want to see the Last Supper you must make a reservation at least 2 months before your arrival: reservation for the Last Supper

Streets and parks

Milan is Art


There are not so many places in Milano to see movies in original language, they are mainly re-dubbed in Italian by Italian actors. If you really don't want to see Woody Allen speaking in Italian, try one of the movies of the "sound and motion" program http://www.spaziocinema.info/sound-motion

A classic about cinematography in Milano, is one of the most representative movie from the "neo-realismo" school, from the movie director Vittorio De Sica: Miracolo a Milano (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_in_Milan)

Another suggestion by cinema is the connection between the city and the people that arrived to live in there from the South of Italy; for example in: 'Rocco e i suoi fratelli' by Luchino Visconti or 'Totò, Peppino e...la malafemmina'

Contemporary art

There are lots of galleries in Milano, specialized in contemporary art. Some events, like the MiArt (http://www.miart.it/default_e.asp) art fair, are set up during the year. Especially, you can walk around the Porta Genova (via Savona/Tortona/Voghera), the Garibaldi (corso Como) and the Brera areas.

You can make your own search about contemporary art event in Milano here: http://www.exibart.com/profilo/eventicercaregione2.asp

Special events

One of the websites where you can find a list of events in Milano is Eventi Milano.

- Salone del Mobile - Furniture and Design Expo

- Milano Bicycle Film Festival
- Bike and Motorbike expo

Places (eat, drink, dance, party, internet, etc.)

Milan is full of places, you'll easily find the one that most fits your tastes and needs.
Something you can't miss once in town is the "aperitivo" tradition (during the happy hour, most of the bars offer the food for free from a buffet and you just pay for your drink)! Then, there are lots of different kind of restaurants, with many cuisine traditions represented: from Asia, to east Europe, from Mexico to Africa. And of course, you can also find the tipical food from Milano into the Osterie, altough nowadays they're not more low budget places for workers, but more expensive restaurants. But the food is still great!

Here you'll find some suggestions from group members:


The tipical food of Milano is a various mix of several ingredients coming from different national traditions: Italian mostly, of course, but also austrian/german food, for instance. Here is a list of some of the most famous dishes/recipes: risotto alla milanese (http://www.cliffordawright.com/caw/recipes/display/recipe_id/727/), ossobuco (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ossobuco), busecca/trippa alla milanese (http://italianfood.about.com/od/legumesandpasta/r/blr1296.htm), cotoletta alla milanese (http://italianfood.about.com/od/beefbracioleetc/r/blr0050.htm). And, the most famous and tipical ones: casoeula (http://www.cibochepassione.com/detailRicetta.uk.html?id=66) and the sweet panettone (http://italianfood.about.com/library/rec/blr0946.htm)

Here you can find a list of the tipical milanese osterie: http://www.milanodabere.it/milano/ristoranti/osterie Here is a link to some of the restaurants in Milano: http://www.milanodabere.it/milano/ristoranti

n°1 by pietro
There's a restaurant I can really suggest: Osteria dei Vecchi Sapori
notes Telefono: 02 6686148; Indirizzo: Via Jacopo dal Verme, 14; Metro: Garibaldi F.S. - MM2; Bus/Tram: 7, 11 ; Chiusura: Sabato a pranzo e domenica tutto il giorno
reference : not yet

n°2 by somebody else

Ice Cream (Gelato)

Map of the best Ice Cream shops (Gelaterie) in Milano! Carefully tested by our beloved couchsurfers.


This is a little list of cheap hostels in Milan. Some Couchsurfers spent their holidays in Milan there, when they had not found a couch in our city, and we received some positive feedback about them.

Address: Via Ippocrate, 45 (Map: click here) - Telephone number: +39 02.64445219
Official Website: click here - Booking on-line: click here
La Cordata
Address: Via Burigozzo, 11 (Map: click here) - Telephone number: +39 02.58314675 or +39 02.58303132 | Fax: +39 02.58303598 | Mail: [email protected] - Official Website: click here
Youth Hostel Piero Rotta
Address: Via Salmoraghi corner via Calliano (Map: click here) - Telephone number: +39 02.39267095 | Fax: +39 02.33000191 | "Contact Us" Page: click here
Official Website: click here - Booking on-line: click here
Ostello Bello
address: via Medici, 4 20123 Milano
- telephone: 02 3658 2720
official website: www.ostellobello.com

these are new B&B/hostel (no direct feedback from couchsurfers yet)

B&B e Ostello via Padova 165 - 20127 Milano Italia mobile. 327 0631495 - tel. +39 02 91431064/3 - fax +39 02 91431065 [email protected] - http://www.viapadova165.it/ Euro Inn B&B Via Varanini 7, - 20127 Milano - (MM Pasteur)

If you don't find anything, you can try to look at Hostels.com, or let's give a look at Milan page on WikiTravel where you can find also more expensive hotels.

Into the city of Milan there is also a camping: http://www.campingmilano.it/


2 stars hotel, very close to Central Train Station. Hotel Edolo
Address: Via Edolo, 18 - 20125 Milano, Italia (Map: click here)
Telephone number: +39 02 669 7565
Official Website: www.hoteledolo.com

Other sleeping solutions

If you want to try the "pay-for-couch" version of couchsurfing, there is the Air-bed and Breackfast website


Opera 33
Address: Via Farini 33 (Facebook page)
One of the couchsurfers favourite places, located near Stazione Garibaldi. It's very small and friendly, and it often changes completely the internal decoration, according to the "special theme" of the week. Terry, the owner of the venue, is completely insane, and she is very often wearing self-made amazing costumes while working.

Address: Via Lecco, 6 (Map avalaible)
Pub sixties and mod, but sometimes you can find also rock and indie, closed on tuesday.

Address: Via Pezzotti, 52 (Map avalaible)
A mix of pub club with Rock, indie, electro-pop, it depends on the nights. Unfortunately, you can't dance.

Beda House
Address: Via Murat, 2 (Map avalaible)
Pub in a tipical english style, really big and particular. It seems an english house from outside, nice

Rock 'n Roll
Address: Via Bruschetti, 11 (Map avalaible)
Also known as Incubo Cafè (the old name), pub for rock, metal, emo and stuffs like this. Promotions for beers. Close on mondays.

Address: Via Antonio Pollaiuolo, 3 (Map avalaible)
Italian style cocktail bar, ristorante, e negozio di abbligamento eco-fashion.


In Milano you can find several kind of parties and places. There is a mainstream scene, that is more or less coneected with the "fashion thing", that is mostly into house music or pop/indie. There is then also, under the surface, a very alive underground scene, that musically is more into reggae, drum&bass, hardtekno, psytrance. If you know where to go (or if you want to ask to the local CS's), you can find underground rave parties into squats or dismessed factories, or music festivals open air in the summer into parks. Here below is a quick view on some of the places we suggest.

Address: Via Casati 24 (Map avalaible)
A pub near Mono where you can also dance, not big, but nice with Rock, indie, electro-pop, it depends on the nights.

Address: Via Valtellina, 25 (Official website)
Big club in the Garibaldi area, mainly rock music. Some pretty good concerts from time to time.

Gasoline Club
Address: Via Bonnet, 11 (Map avalaible)
Electro, rock, indie, pop, trash and stuffs like this in a space full of strange pictures. If you are going there on Thursday or Saturday, remember that Sara works there, so if you need more informations or help, you can ask to her.

Address: Via Gargano 15 (Map avalaible)
facebook page The storic club of Milan, it's suggested the night on friday, but it's really full of people, so it's better to arrive before 12. Very strict selection on the entrance, if you have "casual clothes" you will probably be bounced back. Music: Indie-brit-electro.

Address: Viale Marelli, 280 (Map avalaible)
The former Rock House, concerts, dj set rock 'n roll, indie electro dark.

Leoncavallo The most famous and big squat in Milano. If you look for something more alternative and different from the world famous fashion side of Milano. Link: http://www.leoncavallo.org

NordEst Cafè Live jazz music during aperitivi time, on wednesday and some other days of the week. Very simple but nice atmosphere. It is into a very nice area for night life, Isola. http://www.milanodabere.it/milano/locali/nordest_caffe.html


There is a lot of Internet points open until late (you have to pay though), also a lot of phone centre allowing to pay theoretically less than the normal price while calling abroad.

Wireless Internet Spots

Milano has an "official" free wi-fi kindly offered by the city governement: Open Wi-Fi Milano. You will need an italian phone number to receive an SMS with the password, and you can surf for free for 1 hour each day.

free-hotspot offers a list of free WiFi access points in Milan.


If you need help, dial 112, toll free, from your mobile or any other phone. You'll be connected to the "Carabinieri" which is an Italian police force. Their operators are supposed to speak English and to help you out for any kind of emergency, or at least to connect you to the specific emergency service.


In Milan, there is a police station (QUESTURA, pron. kwes-toora) working 24h a day in Via Fatebenefratelli, 11 (view map) closest Metro stations: TURATI M3, MONTENAPOLEONE M3. Avoid to go to other police stations, because most of the time, if you are a foreign citizen, they will send you there.


If you have a medical emergency, and you don't need the ambulance (call 112 in that case), you can go to the "Pronto Soccorso" of the Ospedale Maggiore in Via San Barnaba,2 (view map) closest metro station: CROCETTA M3 . Based on the gravity of your emergency you'll have different priority, so keep in mind that if you're not risking your life, you might wait hours before a doctor examines you.


In the horrible event of sexual violence first call the police (112). In Milan you can have medical, psychological and social support at :

SVS - Servizio Violenza Sessuale

c/o Clinica Mangiagalli - via Commenda 12, 20122 Milano View Map

Responsabile: dott.ssa Alessandra Kustermann

phone: 02 5503 2489

email: [email protected]

closest Metro Station: CROCETTA M3


All foreign embassies are obviously located in Rome, being the capital. However there are several consulates in Milan. Contact details for all Milan-based consulates can be found here: http://www.aboutmilan.com/consulates-in-milan.html


Milan group's official website
Milan on Wikipedia
Milan on WikiTravel
Website with tips by real Milan locals


Jobs in Milan - Job search site for professionals and expats seeking English speaking employment in Milan and Italy.

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