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New Delhi

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Country: India
Region: Delhi
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Ronita and Vijay - New Delhi Family Ambassadors

Sunny Singh - City Couchsurfing Ambassador

New Delhi or simply Delhi is the capital of India. As of Jan 2009 there are some 1300 odd CouchSurfing members in Delhi and 100 plus members in the suburbs of Delhi (Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad,Noida).

Please read this bit of Important Information

Before you arrive in Delhi

Local Etiquette

For the first time traveller to Delhi

  • Getting to and from the airport and railway station
    • Pre-paid taxi service at Delhi Airport and Railway station. Delhi Police have their pre-paid taxi booth where you can mention your destination and a taxi at fixed price will be arranged for you.
    • How to identify a taxi. Tourist taxis have number plates in yellow with black taxi. If the number plate is in white with black text then it indicates a private car which the tourist agency might be using to avoid taxes. Avoid travelling in these cars.
    • List of pre-paid taxi and auto booths. Check for the list of prepaid taxi & auto booths in Delhi as listed on the Delhi Police website and also check the fare calculator.
    • Misbehaviour of the auto rickshaw or taxi driver. In case the taxi driver is overcharging/mis-behaving or refuses to ply you can call at round-the-clock help line at 011-23378888 or 011-42400400
    • CS Group Discussion on How To Deal With The Taxi Drivers At The Airport!!
  • Women who are going to be travelling alone in India should join the CS group Women Travelers in India It's a great support network and is a source of a huge amount of information.
  • Learn a few Hindi language phrases and their probable answers before you hit Delhi. There's a really good CS Group discussion @ Learning a little Hindi. This will make life a lot simpler.

Delhi couchsurfing group for travellers and locals

Delhi CS group has become active with meetings, parties and excursions every now and then. We have had few meeting within Delhi, a trip to Kasauliand a walk around Mehrauli also recently. The group also helps locals and foreigners with tips and advise about places off the beaten track and freely hands out guidance when you ask for it.

Travelling with a disability

  • Before you think of travelling to India please be in contact with people in India, so that you are well aware of what lies ahead of you. Contact Disability India Network
  • Person with physical disability travelling I imagine this might be of some use for people with disabilities travelling to India.
  • Mobility International USA is a supposedly authentic source of information. If you know of a website that offers more information about accessibility in India. Please feel free to review it here.

Delhi Last Minute Couch Group

Delhi Last Minute Couch - This group is for last minute couch requests. Couchsurfers visiting Delhi who need a couch at the last minute due to whatever reason can use this group and post their requests. If it is not a last minute request, please do not post here, but submit a couchsurf request to individual couchsurfers.



  • Police 100
  • Ambulance 102
  • Centralised Ambulance for Trauma 1099
  • Max Hospital Emergency Response 011 4055 4055
  • Fire
    • Delhi 101
    • Faridabad 95129-2284444
    • Ghaziabad 95120- 2732099
    • Gurgaon 95124- 2392101
    • Noida 95120- 2521111
  • Women's helpline 1291, 1091, 2331-7004, 2412-1234, 9604400400


The following is an excerpt from The Indomitable City by Narayani Gupta (Delhi)

The area called Delhi has been the site of many villages and many towns over the centuries. In the angle created by the outcrop of the Aravalli Hills which is locally known as the Pahari (hill) or the Ridge, and the river Yamuna, there have been cities which became known in other parts of the world, known because they were associated with great emperors and because of their magnificent monuments and ambience of opulence. Rulers have come and gone, but the basic features of Delhi have not changed. It was the hinge between the Punjab and the Doab (the land of the Five Rivers of the Indus, and the land of the Two Rivers, the Ganga and Yamuna) and was an ideal central place for empires which extended from Afghanistan to Bengal, and from Kashmir to the Deccan. It has always been a major entrepot of long distance trade as well as a centre of consumption. Characterised by extreme wealth as well as poverty, it has been an open city, very cosmopolitan. The sense of urbanism in Delhi has been one which has been imposed from above, not yet crystallised slowly out of local communities.

Lal Kot in the 12th century, Siri in the 13th, Ferozabad in the 14th and Din Panah in the 16th were some of the cities in the Delhi area which were the forerunners of the city of the Emperor Shahjahan built in the 17th century. Many settlements did not last long. The first Mughal Emperor, Babur, had remarked that, "In Hindustan (north India) the populousness and the decay or total destruction of cities is almost instantaneous".

Shahjahanabad, however, despite invasion and change of sovereign, has not become depopulated, and there are families living there today who can trace their ancestory to the seventeenth century.

Emperor Shahjahan (1592-1666) had a passion for building. All the Mughal rulers (who were sovereigns of north India from the 16th to the 19th century) are remembered for their creativity and love of beautiful things, ranging from wild flowers to great palaces. Shahjahan had inherited the elegant cities of Lahore and Agra, but soon after his accession, "the thought came to his mind that he should select some pleasant site on the banks of the river, distinguished by its genial climate, where he might found a splendid fort and delightful edifices....He envisioned that streams of water should made to flow through the proposed fort and that its terraces should overlook the river (ref:Shahjahannama).

After a long survey, he decided that Delhi was the ideal place, he chose a site on the right bank of the Yamuna, north of Dinpanah and Ferozabad, and extending to Salimgarh (a small island-fort which had been built in 1546). As with earlier cities in the Delhi region, Shahjahanabad came to incorporate sections of older settlements. The city of Sher Shah Sur (1540s) had included that of Feroze Shah (1350s); the northern gate of Sher Shah's city was some yards to the south of Shahjahan's southern gate (the Delhi Gate). The highway leading out from Feroze Shah's citadel to his hunting lodge on the northern ridge became one of the two main avenues of Shahjahanabad (Faiz Bazaar). One of the mosques built by the prime minister of Feroze Shah in 1387 (the Masjid Kalan) was skilfully incorporated int o the streetscape of the new city.

Cities of Delhi

New Delhi is maybe the 10th capital city located in the region. The previous capitals were:

1: Indraprastha : Indraprastha, mentioned in Mahabharta, the great Indian epic, is probably the first capital, founded by Pandavas, the Aryan rulers. Interestingly, today's Parliament House and President's House are built on the land which was acquired after evacuating the village named Inderpat, which sounds very similar to Indraprastha.

2: Qila Rai Pithoura: Built in the 12th century, it became the capital of Prithviraj Chauhan. This is situated right next to Mehrauli Heritage site, near Qutab Minar.

3: Siri: Built by Ala'-ud-Din Khalji around 1303. This is situated at the present day's Asian Games village. The legacy of the kingdom lives on in the village named Shahpur Jat, which has become a hub of Indian fashion designers with numerous showrooms displaying their creations and dotting the lanes and bylanes of the village.

4: Tughlakabad: This city was built by Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughluq in the 1320's. It had to be abandoned because of insufficient water at the site. The court moved back to Siri. Hazrat Nizammudin, a saint who is considered to be the first secular muslim saint, when snubbed by the king Tughlaq, remarked that the same kingdom which maketh the king so arrogant will be abandoned, to be grazed by the cattle of the Gujjars. As of today, you will find Gujjars, the gypsies, grazing their cattle there.

5: Jahanapanah: The son of Tughluq, Muhammad bin Tughluq, extended Siri to the northeast and built fortifications around it. It was called Jahanapan.

6: Firuzabad: Jahanapanah was abandoned when Firuz Shah Tughluq came to power. In 1354 he moved his capital to a site near Indraprastha. In 1526, the Mughal leader Babur made Delhi (Firuzabad) his capital.

7: DinPanah: The son of Babur, Humayun, built a new capital and called it Din Panah.

8: Sher Shahi: Humayun was overthrown by Sher Shah Suri in 1540. Sher Shah built a new capital ("Purana Qila"). The Mughal emperor Akbar moved his capital away from Delhi and his successor, Jehangir, then moved his capital to Agra.

9: Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi): The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, the grandson of Akbar, started building his new capital, what is now called Old Delhi, in 1638. He surrounded the city with a wall and put in four gates; Ajmeri Gate, Delhi Gate, Kashmiri Gate and Turkman Gate.

10: New Delhi: In 1911 the British Government decided to move the capital of British India from Calcutta to Delhi and build a new city to house the government. It was only around 1931 that the building got completed.

A Quick look at Delhi in a day

If you're in Delhi for a day or so and want to pack in as much as you can (and you really are going to be missing out on a lot), then here's a must-do list. You could also have a look at the Cs Delhi group discussion on What to do in Delhi in one day?

The other option is another request on the CS Delhi group about How to spend 24hours in Delhi fruitfully???? excluding the Red fort, Qutub Minar and Lotus temple. Some rather nice suggestions.


  • Flower Markets or Phoolon ki Mandi- See CP or Connaught Place at it's quietest and visit the huge pavement flower market in front of Hanuman Temple, which is on Baba Kharak Singh Marg (Road). Then head for a delicious South Indian breakfast at Sarvana Bhawan.
  • Weekly Sunday book market in Darya Ganj.
  • A laughter session- An early morning stroll through the most loved and beautiful garden in Delhi, Lodhi Garden, and perhaps join in for a laughter yoga session. Call Jiten Kohi on +91-9891273301 to confirm location and recommendation for a particular club.
  • Gorgeous Shahjahanabad or Purani Delhi - Arrive at the Red Fort and then walk or rickshaw through the narrow galis (bylanes) shopping, eating your way through history. Visit the Jama Masjid and climb up to the top of the minaret for a view of the entire city.
  • If there's still time left (though it seems doubtful) take a tour around Mehrauli- Take a private INTACH heritage walk through the 100 acre Mehrauli Archaeological Park, which has the highest concentration of historic monumnets in the city. Then explore the Qutab Minar, the 12th century victory tower. Finish with a visit to Sanskriti Kendra for lunch and a tour of the three collections. Everyday art, Terracotta and Textiles.
  • A great favourite with most Dilliwalas is the Andhra Pradesh Government Office canteen.. The Thalis here are stupendous. You also get yum biryani on Sunday. The mutton fry here is to die for.


  • If you are not completely exhausted by now, take a twilight walk around the 12th century Nizamuddin village with the Hope Trust. The history of the community (basti) is fascinating as is their current way of life. Enjoy the Qawalli singers at the Dargah (saint's tomb) on a thursday evening and then settle down for some yummy biryani and kebabs. Read a little more about the dargahs in Delhi at sufi dargahs in Delhi
  • Pubs like DV8, Rodeo, All Sports Bar, Djinns, My kind of place, Mirage, Dublin......
  • Pack yourself a picnic dinner and have it on the India Gate lawns at night. Recently a newspaper said that Delhi police estimate that about 10,000 people do this on the week-ends. End it with ice-creams from the vendors along Rajpath. Great place to watch middle class India have a relaxing time.

External Links

The Places to See

Religion and Culture in India

  • Mahamaya. Contact @ [email protected] This project aims to fill the gap in research, documentation, conservation, continuum and representation of women, issues of gender & sexuality and be a platform that invites project partners to make interventions at various levels – be they socio-cultural, educational, artistic, archaeological and so on.

Culture Shulture

  • Theatre Crafts Museum established by Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay @ Srinivas Malliah Memorial Theatre Crafts Museum, 5, Deendayal Upadhyay Marg. Open from 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday
  • Red Earth is devoted to designing events such as performances, talks, and workshops and fostering artistic and cultural activity in various other ways like publications and art exhibitions; with a premium on aestheticism and innovation.

Interesting stuff to do in town

  • Vintage and Classic car Museum by Diljeet Titus @ the Titus Farm, Jaunapur, Mehrauli. Phone- 26658635
  • Landmark trees of Delhi. Yoav Daniel Bar-Ness. If you can get him to take you around town, you'll be really lucky. Here's another perspective to Green Delhi. While you're at it get hold of Trees of Delhi by Pradip Krishen.

Birdwatching in New Delhi

Most first time visitors to India will arrive in Delhi and may not realise the wealth of birdlife in various corners of the capital. The birder on business or just passing through may only have a few hours to spare to do some birdwatching yet the sites in and around Delhi can be worth far longer. Delhi, with it's bird list of over 430 species, rivals any other area in India and with effort it is possible to see more than 150 species in a day. The capital is well eatched and well documented, and there is a richness of habitats in various parts of the city. One of the most important is the River Yamuna along the eastern edge of the city. Good birding can be had almost anywhere along it's banks. The parks and gardens have a good selection of species and some historical sites have become overgrown and provide suitable conditions for many birds.

The Delhi Bird Club (DBC) was started as an informal organisation in 1996 and organises regular birdwatching trips in and around Delhi. An up-to-date checklist of the birds of the Delhi region is being prepared and interesting records are welcomed.

To join the club contact Bikram Grewal, 101/4 Kaushalya Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016, Telephone- +91-11-6961520, 6513953, email- [email protected]

You can also join Kalpvriksh, a local environmental organisation in C17/A Munirka, New Delhi 110067, and buy a copy of their publication What's that bird? - A guide to birdwatching, with special reference to Delhi.

Birdwatching sites in Delhi

  • Lodhi Gardens
  • Buddha Jayanti Park
  • Delhi Ridge
  • Old Fort and Delhi Zoo
  • Okhla
  • Tughlakabad
  • Sultanpur Jheel

Transport and Getting Around

The Essential Knowledge

  • Know a Landmark- this is vital, as ahaving a street address is not enough to get to your destination. Landmarks could be temples, police stations, offices, shops or traffic signals.
  • Get Connected - a mobile phone is a 'MUST HAVE'. Often you will be guided in to your destination. Also make sure you have your driver's phone number and licence plate number.
  • The Eicher City Map - If you're here for a longer period of time get this terrific book, it's detailed, accurate and easy to use. A bargain at about Rs.300. However, be aware that only you will use it! Drivers wont ever use a map and will continue to stop and ask locals for directions, over and over again. Don't worry about spending the money on it, as you can always sell it to the second hand book shops in Connaught Place and other major markets. Keep it in good condition so you get a good price for it.
  • Delhi takes time - Delhi is huge, I mean really huge and most Delhiites don't know most of the city. It's that huge. The city has slowed down a bit with the construction of the BRT corridors and the metro construction, which we all hope will probably be over by 2010--well in time for the Commonwealth Games. The traffic is chaotic and getting anywhere takes a huge amount of time, but of course all things are relative. If you're from Mumbai, then Delhi is a cakewalk.
  • Avoid rush hours - Double your journey time if travelling between 9am - 11am and 6pm - 9pm.

Delhi Metro

Clean, Quick inexpensive and Hassle free way of going around Delhi. But the only fall back is that it does not cover entire Delhi. For more details Station Information and Route Map.

Line 2 is quite useful for reaching New Delhi Railway Station, Old Delhi area (and railway station)and to reach the Inter-state bus terminal also known as ISBT terminal (Kashmere gate stop on line 2)

Read this article in Outlook Traveller magazine about New Dilli darshan- We’ve seen Delhi by car and bus. Trisha Gupta explores the city by Metro rail


Do not expect to hail a taxi or cab in Delhi. You need to call one from the neighbourhood taxi stands or locality taxi stands at major hotels and landmarks. Local taxis are (black and yellow) Ambassadors or Maruti Vans. Convenient ones include Easycabs, Meeru, and radio cabs.

Ambassador or Amby (based on the 1957 Morris Oxford model) is the commonly found metered taxi's on Delhi roads (black body and yellow top also referred to as the kaali peeli taxi). But the taxi drivers will hardly ever take you according to the meter. You will have to decide (or lets say haggle ) over the fair price before you board one of them (In case the taxi driver is overcharging/mis-behaving or refuses to ply you can call at round-the-clock help line at 011-23378888 or 011-42400400). These taxis ply only within Delhi. To go anywhere outside Delhi you'll have to take the tourist taxis (any model though always white with a yellow number plate).

To calculate the approximate taxi fare to areas in Delhi. Usually half-day packages are 4 hours or 40 kilometres and a full day package is 8 hours or 80 kilometres. If you want a car longer than 4 hours and less than 8 hours, you still pay the full day rate! By and large, the half day price is about Rs. 400 (non a/c) and Rs. 450 (a/c), the full day cab would be around Rs. 800

Some call a cab services

  • Easycabs is Delhi's premium and safe taxi serice located a the airport and other central locations around Delhi, which offers air-conditioned cars at flat rates. Call them at 011-43434343
  • Carzonrent Call 41841212 or book a cab online
  • Delhi Cab helpline call 44333222
  • Mega Cabs Call 41414141
  • Meru Cab
  • Quick Cabs
  • Routes Dial a Cab. Call -44404440


Autorickshaws are three wheeler tuk-tuks which again, like taxis, should go by meter, but rarely do. If you see a policeman near by you can always call them which can result in a fine to the driver or correct fair fixed to your destination. They are cheaper as compared to taxis, and can be easily hailed on the roads (as compared to taxis for which you have to go to the nearest taxi stand).

In case the autorickshaw/taxi driver is overcharging/mis-behaving or refuses to take you, you can call at round-the-clock help line at 011-23378888 or 011-42400400

To know how much you would approximately pay to travel by auto rickshaw in Delhi

Delhi Transport Authortity (DTC)Bus

To know the exact route numbers and details of the DTC buses

The Railways

Delhi has a pretty good rail link with the rest of the country. The fastest trains are usually between the Metros. This would include trains like the Rajdhani which is a fast long distance train and the Shatabdi which covers short distances very quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Thankfully, now e-tickets are available so one doesn't have to battle the railway booking offices for a ticket that you might not get. Delhi has three main railway stations. Nizamuddin, Old Delhi or Delhi Main and New Delhi Railway Station. There's a special booking office for foreigners on the first floor of the New Delhi Railway Station on the Paharganj side. It's air-conditioned and clean except for a few sagging chairs.

There is a CS Group discussion on trains in India @ Indian train classes and the IndRail pass

Trusted Car Hire Service in Delhi

 Are available from private "government approed" travel offices throughout Delhi but many in Paharganj or CP.  None are recommended at this time.  

Buy or rent a car, motorcycle new or second hand

By foot

Time Out recently brought out an issue called Walk this way; 23 ways to saunter around Delhi. It's a great way to explore the city as long as you have the grit to deal with the crazy traffic, and the lack of pedestrian walkways.

Walks in Delhi

You can either pick up a Delhi tourism map and wander around the city on your own or get in touch with either the India Habitat Centre (IHC)or The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH)for their guided walks. Both these walks are lovely and not at all touristy. In fact, this is also a great way to make friends in the city. You'd be lucky if you got some of the really interesting people like Narayani Gupta, a historian, to take you around. Here's a list of guided walks in town.

  1. Asola Wildlife Sanctuary- The Conservation Education Centre near Tughlakabad (Phone- 26042010)conducts walks here every morning at 9.30
  2. Delhi Bird -This is an online group of birders that organises early morning walks.
  3. EOID Another online group called Eating Out in Delhi conducts food walks once or twice a month.
  4. Jafa Delhi Walks- Navina Jafa conducts walks on various aspects of Delhi. She has also completed her first book on Exhibiting Cultures case study of walking stories on Delhi.
  5. Jamghat's Night Walks- An NGO that runs a shelter for street children. Read the " Jamghat blog
  6. KLod.B- Knowing and loving Delhi better is a group of people who are constantly exploring the city on foot.
  7. Old World Hospitality Walks or most popularly known as the Habitat walks
  8. Red Earth Delhi Walks
  9. Salaam Balak Trust City Walk
  10. Sohail Hashmi can be contacted at sohailhashmi at gmail dot com
  11. Surekha Narain's walks are usually around heritage and food. Her contact email is surekhan at hotmail dot com
  12. Shan-e-Nizam Walks through Nizamuddin Basti
  13. The Rashtrapati Bhavan Nature Trail
  14. CS Member Anuradha Goyal has led Delhi Walks and has a blog on many of the walks in Old Delhi and New Delhi. Please see her blog here which is full of information:

Old Delhi

Old City or the walled city- this area contains so much of immense interest. The streets and markets are always so lively with people busy earning a living by printing books on ancient presses, making brass ware in tiny workshops, cooking food, plucking chickens, mixing spicy drinks, giving others a massage/shave, and selling, selling and selling. This area as we all know is known as Shahjahanabad. There are a couple of walks that are more famous than others, but they are all rewarding.

Getting Out of Town

By Bus

=== By Air === Indira Gandhi International Airport located in Southwest Delhi.

=== By Road === See map routes

=== By Rail/Train === see above mentioned location of train stations

The Essential Shopping

Travel Gear

To Buy

  • Adventure Store in New Delhi @ Satya Niketan(Opposite Venkateshwara College)New Delhi-21. Phone-2970400, 26878888. Time:- 11am To 7pm. Sunday:- 3pm To 7pm
  • STIKAGE an Outdoor Adventure Sports Equipment and Tours Store @ 7-UB, JAWAHAR NAGAR-KAMLA NAGAR, DELHI-110007 Phone- 23850036, 23850026. Mobile Phone: Surender Sonik- 98100 25536, Ravi Sonik- 98680 64114. E.mail: [email protected]
  • Ajmal Khan-Ghaffar market Junction.. This is one of the largest informal bag bazaar. The variety is overwhelming. Think of a brand name and it's here, possibly a knock-off but who cares. The metro station is Karol Bagh.
  • Majnu Ka Tila Tibetan and Ladakhi colony the ultimate place to buy colourful backpacks, knapsacks, and duffel bags. There are a huge number of Jansport and North Face knock-offs. The Metro station is Vidhan Sabha.
  • Carabin Adventure, C-62/3, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi - 110020. Phone-41611082, 65544434. Mobile-9873780333, 9810002676

To Rent/buy

  • Try Bhagwan Singh, his shop is in Chirag Delhi. Mobile:9350225713.
  • Indian Mountaineering Foundation sells and rents out most adventure equipment. Its situated near DU South Campus.

Cameras, telescopes, ipods and other odds

Mountain Bikes

Cycling Groups on CS

Shops in Delhi

Shopping for Souvenirs and the Shopaholics

Shopping in India is not like retail therapy it's a soul satisfying experience. It requires great ingenuity, strenght and deep pockets.

Some great places to shop in Delhi are:-

  1. [http://www.fabindia.com/ Fabindi. Been around for quite some time, outlets are all over Delhi, good value for money for clothes, furniture, household accessories, furnishings and so on.
  2. Santushti Shopping Complex - Delhi's all time favourite fashion designer is Neeru Kumar check her out at Tulsi in this Complex
  3. Crafts Museum near Pragati Maidan
  4. Dilli Haat- for every imaginable crafts and artisinal textile
  5. Lajpat Nagar Central Market and Nehru Place Market for textiles- loads of gorgeous silk and cotton export surplus and reject cloth
  6. Hauz Khas Market has Krishna at Chaupal for old and antique embroidered borders and fab textiles.
  7. Sadar Bazaar for wholesale of glass and ceramic beads (apparently it's near some underground market)
  8. Look out for interesting exhibitions of various kinds at The Blind School near the Oberoi Hotel and Chinmaya Mission at Lodhi Road
  9. Sundar Nagar Market (Mon-Sat)is great for antiques, miniature paintings etc. The landmark shops there are Poonam Backliwal's, The Studio, La Boutique, Bharany's (fabulous antique jamawars, and other textiles), Rohit Kaicker etc
  10. For Vintage Posters check out All Arts in Hauz Khaz Village near Naivedyam.
  11. A landmark store in the old city is Gulabsingh Johrimal, the famous Attarwala. The shop was established in 1816 and has been preparing essences since then.
  12. For home and lifestyle shopping, check out Zaza Home in Zamrudpur, Good Earth , Moon river, Neemrana Shop in Khan Market, Kamala The Craft Shop and Industree on Baba Kharak Singh Marg, The Bamboo Store in N Block, Greater Kailash Part 1 market behind Hidesign,
  13. People Tree is Delhi only alternative and socially aware hub check them out , they have hip clothes, and tons of handcrafted stuff. Very close to it is another really old shop called The Shop, the first floor of which is called the Attic and is another hub for interesting talks, exhibitions and musical evenings.
  • Yummy furniture at Portside Cafe. F-301, Lado Sarai. call 46054371.

Furnishing Fabric

  • Weavers Guild, E 15, South Extension Part II. Phone-26253511
  • Fabindia
  • Jagdish Store in Lajpat Nagar
  • H.P Singh Contact-Mr. Bashi. G-1, Vaikunth, 82 -83, Nehru Place.Phone-26418120, 26438340, 46614444. There isnt a bit of textile that they don't have. This place is mind boggling.
  • There is a shop equally terrifying one shop before HP Singh in Nehru Place. Their linens are the most gorgeous ever. It's been known to make women catatonic.

Carpets, Durries, kilims old and new

  • Fabindia for cotton and wool durries or rugs
  • Zaza for cotton durries and rugs
  • The Carpet Cellar in Anand Lok for fabulous Carpets

Budgeted dressing up

  • Sarojini Nagar Market
  • Lajpat Nagar Central Market
  • Janpath Gujarati Market
  • Vishal Footwear in Paharganj Main Bazaar

Where to buy Sarees

  • Anokhi Mostly pretty cotton prints.
  • Bala Co-optex Showroom No.22-B, Khan Market,New Delhi-3.Phone- 24611861
  • Fabindia lovely stock of sarees that changes with the seasons. They have maheshwaris, chanderis, silks, bhagalpuris, cottons, and so on.
  • Kairali (The Kerala Government Emporium)
  • Lepakshi (The Andhra Pradesh Government Emporium)
  • Nalli
  • The Neemrana Shop
  • Utsav @ Shop No. 3, Krishi Vihar, Josip Broz Tito Marg, New Delhi. Telephone 26242420
  • Soma
  • Ushnak Mal Mool Chand
  • Heritage Handloom Emporium @ G-XII, South Extension Part-I Market
  • Market 1 in Chittaranjan Park for some reasonably priced traditional Bengali cotton sarees that are Rs. 200 onwards. This is also where you can match the blouse and petticoats as well.

Custom tailoring for men in Delhi

  • Vaish at Rivoli is one of the best in Delhi for custom tailored suits. He has fabrics from all over the world including cashmere, mohair, linen, silk and cottons.
  • Grover Cloth House in Khan Market has a great selection of material and is a dashed good tailor. @ 47A Khan Market, New Delhi-3. Mobile-9810026788. Email. [email protected]
  • Abdul Majid of Savileroy has made suits for Tony and Cherie Blair and for all the embassies in Delhi. 2/9 Jangpura A. Call 9811426261
  • Pal Zileri @ the American Plaza, Ground Floor, International Trade Tower, Hotel Intercontinental Eros, Nehru Place. Call 46518474
  • Paul Smith @ 212 DLF Emporio Mall, Nelson Mandela Road. Call 46040734


  • Bon Ton Opticians, 13, Janpath Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi-1. Phone- 23319716‎, 23321711‎
  • Dayal Opticals, Khan Market
  • Lawrence & Mayo

Communication (this is fun)

Phone calls, mobiles and directory inquiry

  • When dialing from a Delhi land line/mobile to a place outside Delhi, add zero before the number.
  • When dialing a Delhi land line number from a mobile, add 011 before the 8 digit number.
  • When dialing a Noida land line number from a mobile, add 0120 before the 8 digit number.
  • It should be easy to get a local SIM card and use a prepaid service provider. These are Airtel, Vodafone, Tata-indicom, Reliance etc. Carry your passport and two passport size photos.
  • Lots of people use BSNL when they travel to rural areas, but luckily Airtel is picking up and one doesn't have to deal with too many government agencies. Because of the terrorist activity in India, it has become more difficult for foreigners to get a SIM card as the vendor has to send the application for a police check and many travelers say that their tel. no. is turned off after a couple of days with no explanation.
  • The quickest and easiest place to get a SIM card in the Delhi area is at the international airport, so please do take the time to get it there before leaving the airport. (once you leave, you can not re-enter without showing a departing flight)

Directory Enquiry

  • Just Dial is quite a good 24 hour operator assisted service. Phone- 2222 2222. Just be prepared to receive spam SMS from them after you use their service.
  • 197 is when you dial from an MTNL or Mahanagar Telephone Nigam phone. They aren't as bad as they used to be, and you can sometimes even hear them smile or eat their aloo parathas. Another fun experience.

Email and Internet

CS group discussion on this @ Advice please: Tata Photon+ coverage in India? There are internet cafes everywhere, and they are quite cheap. There's wifi everywhere and sometimes it's free. If not, go sit in a coffee shop where it definitely will be. You can also get wireless broadband with either Tata Indicom Photon Plus or the Reliance netconnect Broadband USB Data Card.


24 hour pharmacies

  • Central Delhi
    • 98.4 Kolmet Hospital, Karol Bagh. Phone- 25752056
    • Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital @ Baba Kharak Singh Marg. Phone- 23365525
  • East Delhi
    • 98.4 Jeevan Anmol, Mayur Vihar, Phase I. Phone- 22750380
  • Faridabad
    • Sun Flag Hospital and Research Centre, Sector 16-A. Phone 95129-2263584
  • Ghaziabad
    • Sri Sai Medicoes, Shop No. GF-3, Reliable Arcade, Jaipur Enclave, Kaushambi. Phone- 95129-4370789
  • Gurgaon
    • Satyam Chemists, 107 Central Arcade, DLF Phase II. Phone- 95124-2387261
  • Noida
    • Max Medcentre, A-364, Sector 19. Phone- 95120-2549999
  • North Delhi
    • 98.4 Springdales Chemist, Prashant Vihar, 27569450
  • Shahjahanabad
    • 98.4 Jain Medicoes, Dariba Kalan. Phone- 23263270
  • South Delhi
    • 98.4 Green Park. Phone- 41750984
  • West Delhi
    • 98.4 Punjabi Bagh. Phone- 45000984

Dentists in Delhi

  • Dr. P.P.Sahni

5,Siri Fort Road, Delhi, - 110049. Phone: 011-26256012, 26257014

  • Dr Siddharth Mehta

Shop No-41, Khan Market, New Delhi, - 110003 Phone: 011-24629955, 24615914

  • Dr. L.K.Gandhi and Dr. Vikram Gandhi

C-56, Part-2, South Extension, Delhi, - 110049. Phone- 011-26255918, 26252398South Extension, New Delhi


Eating out in Delhi

Chandni Chowk is quintessentially Delhi. It is still the one place where one gets fabulous food the year round and their is hardly ever any deterioration in the quality. If you want to know more about the eating joints in this part of town i.e. Purani or Old Delhi, then it's a good idea to be Dr. Ashish Chopra's friend. Do read through his website for more indepth knowledge into the eating and very foodie capital. If all else fails get hold of the Time Out Delhi Breakfast Issue is very good. As you can see this CS host/guest is a die-hard Time Out freak and therefore recommends and old issue of Time Out Delhi called the Food Issue.

There is also another issue of Time Out Delhi that did 50 delicious dishes i.e. of Delhi. It's a good one.

There are also a couple of blogs maintained by a group of people quite radical about their food. One of the most popular is Eating Out in Delhi. This is a delightful read if nothing else.

Being in India, Delhi is incomplete without a paan to chew after a dinner meant to cause serious heartburn. There are two places recommended. One is Prince Paan in Greater Kailash, Part 1 Market and the other is Idris Paan Corner near Jama Masjid.

Delhi's Delis

  • Le Marche, 58, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar. Phone- 4166911 and at 58, Khan Market, Phone-24640741
  • Gourmet Shop at The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi.
  • Caspian, Caviar and Fine Food @ B 33 Kailash Colony, New Delhi 110048. Phone- 41631484

The Bars, Discos and Nightlife

Delhi Discos

  • Agni at the Park hotel @ 15 Parliament Street, New Delhi 1. Phone- 2374 3000
  • Capitol @ The Ashok Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave, 50-B,Chanakayapuri. Phone- 26110101, 26116161
  • Elevate The Centrestage Mall, ElevateIndia, Sixth Floor, L1, Sector 18, Noida 201301
  • Kuki E-7, Greater Kailash 2, Masjid Moth Commercial Centre, Greater Kailash-ii, New Delhi. Phone- 29225241

Delhi Music Live

  • Blues @ N-18, Connaught Place, Outer Circle. Phone- 41523486.
  • Cafe Morrison @ E-12, South Extension,Part 2. Phone- 26255652
  • Lodi: The Garden Restaurant @ Lodhi Road, gate no.1, Lodhi Gardens. Phone- 24655054
  • Opus Lounge @ 47, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar. Phone- 65691265
  • Hard Rock Cafe @ 8M-110 Multiplex Building, First Floor, DLF Place, District Centre, Saket. Phone- 47158888

Music, dance, booze, cheap and cheerful

  • Flames @ M-61, Greater Kailash, Part 2 Market. Phone- 41637000
  • Belgian Beer in Delhi...? CS Group Discussion (this information requires intervention as this has been taken from the internet) @ FresCo @ Ambience Mall, Third floor, After Toll Plaza, National Highway 8, Gurgaon, Haryana. Phone 95124- 4665576.
  • Karaoke Places in Delhi? CS Group discussion
  • Thursday Karaoke Madness at Aquifer. M-block Market, Greater Kailash, Part II, New Delhi 48. Reservations call 9811603369

We brew it here

Gurgaon has started two micro breweries.

  • Howzatt @Galaxy Hotel Shopping Spa, National Highway 8, Exit-8, Sector 15, Part 2, behind 32nd Milestone, Gurgaon, Haryana. Phone- 0124-4565000). Online article about Howzatt.
  • Rockman's Beer Island @ Ambience Mall, 4th floor, National Highway 8, Gurgaon, Haryana. Phone- 0124-2700000. How to get to Rockman's

Sourcing ingredients to cook at home

  • Ahuja Vegetable Store in INA Market. Phone- 24644116

A little more pricey than the others around. but quality very good. Carries freshly made silken tofu. Apart from amazingly exotic fruits like Persimmon, Babacos, Mangosteen, Rambutans, Thai Lichee and Mangoes, he also stocks fresh herbs and mushrooms. Ahuja has button/white chestnut, chanterelle, oyster, shitake, enokitaki, matsutake, truffles white and black, morels paddy and straw etc. If you're cooking a Chinese, Korean European meal his veggies will always please.

  • Pindi Fruit Mart Defence Colony Market. Phone- 41552530, 24333593

Excellent quality veggies and fruit. He also sells flowers.

  • Gogia's Main road 280 INA Market. Phone- 24624809, 24624929, 24629944, 24644618

Sells a huge variety of etables: everything from pastas, zillions of oils, vinegars, fruit/veggies, sauces, jams, syrups, pickles, mushrooms, cheese, herbs, food additives, noodles, meat products (canned) etc.

  • French Farms synonymous with Roger Langbour. Bilaspur, Only home delivery. Phone- 9810166196, 9810314186

Fabulous Organic Veggies like lettuce, baby carrots, broccoli, chinese broccoli, red radish, fennel, baby turnip. He also delivers basil, tarragon, oregano, garlic chives, parsley, dill, marjoram and sage. These are all super fresh but he actually became famous in Delhi because of his organic meat products. His meat products include, chicken, free range chicken, japanese quail, guinea fowl, turkey, muscovy duck and brilliant pork. Come winter, he never seems to have enough pigs for Delhi ham appetite.

  • Pigpo at 9 Jor Bagh Market. Phone- 24611723, 24626930

Fresh Pork products. Chops, fillets, ham, bacon, sausages, frankfurters, salami, kebabs. Cheaper than steak house and many say a lot better.

  • Steak House in Jor Bagh Market. Phone- 24611008, 24611129, 24658034, 24658037.

Older shop especially in the days when it was really difficult to get imported goods in Delhi. Best selection of cheeses (which you can taste endlessly).

  • Flanders Dairy They are the only people in town to make fresh goat cheese and it is absolutely fabulous. Check out their website for their other products. They are in both Gurgaon and in Khanna Market behind the Habitat Centre.
  • Korean and Japanese Food @ Palkit Impex. 12-13, DDA Market, LSC, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 110062. Phone- 9350530875, 29956143, 9818448620

This shop has a variety of noodles, somen, udon, soba, chasoba etc. Sauces and seasonings like Kikkoman cooking sauce, different soy sauces, teriyaki yamasass, soyabean pastes, shir miso, inaka miso, zillions of mushrooms even nameko wet and kanpyo dried gourd. There are a huge variety of flours, sea weed, vinegars, meat products and seasoning mixes.

  • Yamato- ya. The Japanese food store @ B-6/9, Local Commerical Complex, Safdarjung Enclave. Phone - 41650164
  • Kanu's Delivery Service. Kanu Somany is one of the many in town packaging her organic veggies and delivering them to your doorstep. She stocks delicious greens like arugula, sorrel, purslane, mache, tatsoi, parsel, and pre-mixed salads. She composts her own manure! Email her at [email protected] for a produce list or to place an order.
  • The Altitude Store. Have a gorgeous stock of fresh organic veggies, oil, snacks to pick from and the owner Ms. Grewal is a fund of information on anything organic.
  • Dubden Green. Started by Jayshree and Ganesh Eashwar to stock organic goodies from around town and the rest of the country. If you visit on Thursday and Friday, you get fresh fruits and veggies from Uttaranchal. 4A, Shahpur Jat, Near Siri Fort Auditorium. Phone- 32905310, 9810131343
  • Navdanya This is a tiny treasure trove of the city's best organic or natural produce.
  • Whole Foods was started by Ishi Khosla, a clinical nutritionist @ Capital Trust House, 47 Community Centre, New Friends Colony Market. Phone- 29221200, 26820701

Books, bookshops, reading, and shopping

What a horrid loss has been the eviction of the second hand booksellers that thronged the pavements of Daryaganj (Old Delhi) every Sunday morning. I wander aimlessly wondering where I could get myself first edition for peanuts. No answer. Therefore, I'm now actually spending more and more money on my rather eclectic reading material. I've even ransacked the Amar Colony Lakkar market (second hand furniture market) for stuff and came away triumphant with a book on raw food ????? Uhhh, don't ask me why. Anyway, for those of you who can't nod off without a good read, I would suggest the following bookshops that won't bleed you dry. (An update unverified is that the Darya Ganj book market has reopened)

Even before you hit the bookshops and start scavenging for stuff, do read this CS post on books about India as well as Five best books about India.

  1. Midland Bookshop, Shop No 20, Aurobindo Place Market, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016. Ph-011 24653880
  2. Midland Bookshop, South Extension Market (right opposite the Bhelpuriwalas in the basement on the Tekson's side). Please someone add the address here. The discounts here are always good, just ask for them.
  3. Om Bookshop is another super place to buy speciality books. If you're going to buy general reading this is not the place for you. For design, cooking etc
  4. This is an engaging blog about Dilliwalas and their book writing and reading skills.
  5. Fact and Fiction 39, Basant Lok, Opposite Priya Cinema, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110057. Tel- 011-26143275‎, 011-26146843. I have never ever ever known this shop to give even a nano discount but this is one of the best in town. The owner sits looking sheepishly at his laptop if you ask him for one.
  6. An amazing site for bookshops across the country
  7. Timeless Art Book Studio has a beautiful collection of coffee table books in an even more beautiful and restful setting. @ 46, Housing Society, South Extension, Part I. Mobile- 981179126
  8. Asian Educational Services specialises in reprints of rare books, first printed between the 17th and early 20th century.

2nd update is the location of some second hand bookshops in town

  • Anil Book Corner @ Plaza Cinema Building, H Block Connaught Place. It right between PVR Plaza and Nizam's Kathi Kebab's. Fabulous location so if you get sweaty go get yourself a nimbu soda, gobble up a kathi roll and aim for a lovely timepass film after the hectic search.
  • Anjali International @ II-J-10 Central market, Lajpat Nagaror 14 Central Market, Opposite Bata (Contact Ramesh Madan @ 9810937779)
  • Three L Library, I really have no idea how I came to forget this one. I was a die hard fan of this shop in Defence Colony market.
  • Devahuti Damodar Library @S-527, Greater Kailash, Part II. Phone- 29214538. Timings- Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. It houses a 6000 book collection of rare, contemporary and unpublished material for scholars researching any aspect of Indian history, culture and philosophy. They even have the first print of the Constitution of India (only 500 copies were published).

If you're hankering for some newspapers or magazines.

  • Traffic lights in Delhi always have little kids who will run to your car, auto etc to sell you the dailies and current Indian mags or second hand imported ones.
  • For a wider range of magazines and newspapers to either Khan Market (the two lanes between mercury audio and bahri sons) or to Aurobindo Market

Maps and Guides

  • Survey of India Map Sales Office, first floor, A-24, Janpath Barracks, Janpath. Phone- 23322288. Timings. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Their collection of maps is superb. they have antique maps, trekking maps, tourist maps, road atlases, topographic maps and so on.
  • Nest and Wings Maps. These are superb maps and are easily available at petrol pump shops, bookshops.
  • Outlook traveller magazine, online resource, maps and guide books have changed the way we travel in India.
  • Love Travel Guides are for the luxury vagabond.
  • Maps of India is a superb online India map site. Superb
  • Maps of Delhi are available at:
    • Yodakin 2 Hauz Khas Village, . Wed-Mon 10.30am-7.30pm, Tue 2-7.30pm.
    • People Tree 8 Regal Building, Connaught Place, Parliament Street (2335-0699).metro-Rajiv Chowk. Mon-Sat 10.30am-7pm.

Music: Where to buy, learn and hear it?

  • Palika Bazaar for Music. movies and CDs
  • Theme Music School. S-33, Greater Kailash. Phone- 29244415, 29234415
  • Delhi Music Society
  • ArtTree Academy of Music & Performing Arts
  • Gramophones, LPs, Records @ New Gramophone House, Shop no. 31B, Pleasure garden market, Opp. moti cinema, Near gauri shanker mandir, Main road , Chandni Chowk, Delhi-6. Phone-9810955557.An article in the Hindu newspaper about another secret in the city at the Delhi Public Library.
  • LPs and more galore Shah Music Centre 256, Meena Bazaar, Jama Masjid. Phone- 23276090. The metro station is Chawri Bazaar. The warehouse is Alam Gramophone Point @ 1611, Daryaganj, Ground Floor, near Aastha Nursing Home, Pataudi House.
  • Buy amazing music at All India Radio (AIR) @ Parliament Street, Opposite Reserve Bank of India. Phone- 23715411. Timings- Mon-Fri: 11am-2pm, 3pm-4pm. This is a place for people in love with Hindustani and Carnatic classical music.

CS Group Discussions on these topics

Yoga and Fitness

Phone- 29230962, 32069070.E-mail [email protected] Website: http://sivananda.org/delhi

  • Sri Aurobindo Society @ Adhchini, New Mehrauli Road, Near Clarion Collection (Qutab Hotel). Phone- 26512491. Timings- Mon-Sat. 5.30 -6.30 am
  • Studio Abhyas @ ABHYAS TRUST, F-27, 2nd Floor, Green Park, New Delhi-16. Phone-26962757. Mobile: 9818882918,9810522624. E-mail : [email protected], [email protected]
  • Yogalife Studio @ 252 A, Nanak Bhavan, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi-24. Phone-9811863332 (Call between 09:30 AM & 18:00 PM only)
  • Muay Thai . Contact 20099010, 20251278 (Classes by Master Rajneesh- opinion Practises an amalgamated form of boxing which is neither Krav Maga, Muay Thai nor MMA)
  • Tai chi @ Father Agnel School, Gautam Nagar, Opposite Neeti Bagh, Contact Viji George - 9840298450
  • Wushu @ NP Co-Ed, Secondary School, opposite Sanjay Lake, Laxmibai Nagar. Contact Rajvir- 9868885001
  • Malkhamb for help and details contact Aparna Shekhar in Mumbai
  • Kalaripattayu @ N.C.Kalari, 94-B, A2-Pocket, Mayur Vihar Phase- III, Delhi- 96, Phone-22617754, Mobile-09810781909. Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Sport and so on


  • Botwinnik Chess Academy @ the Russian Centre of Science and Culture is Delhi's leading chess training institute since 1979. Russian Centre for Science and Culture, 24, Ferozeshah Road.Call 24673854. Mon-Wed 5-7 pm
  • Amity Chess Academy @ Amity Campus, Sector 44, Noida. Call 95120-4392620


  • Delhi Lawn tennis Association @ 1 Africa Avenue, Opposite RK Puram and Safdarjung Enclave. Call 26176280


  • Harmeet Singh, or “Dimple Bhaiya” and his buddies have founded the Gulmohar Park Football Club. Gulmohar Park Club, Gulmohar Park. Call Dimple (98100-96753) for details.

Spas, beauty parlours and pamper salons

Here's a note for foreigners: Many of you will know the word "saloon" to mean a place where dusty cowboys purchase cheap beer. But in India, the word "saloon" is used in place of "salon." So, expect to get a haircut, not a beer. But if you find a barber that serves beer, please post this information to the Wiki immediately.


  • Asian Roots B5/15, Safdarjung Enclave, (Opposite DLTA and Deer Park). Phone- 41651010, 41652576. Kamayani Kanwar has opened a women only spa. Oh man is it gorgeous.
  • Amatrra Spa @ the Ashok Hotel, 50 B Chanakyapuri. Phone- 24122921, 24122926. This is my absolute favourite even though I've been only once and just cannnnnnot afford another chance.

Pedicure and Foot care

  • TT Foot Care. Foot reflexology and shiatsu combination costs about Rs. 1200 for an hour and a half while the pedicure is Rs. 400. They are both unbelievable. You must, absolutely must go. Building 9, Ground Floor, PVR saket Complex. Phone 40514561
  • The Bata Shop in South Extension Part I has a pedicurist for men.. (People my dad's age go there, I know of no one in the slightly younger group who does, though he is known to give the most amazing massages and gets rid of corns as well)

Hairstylists From the 60s all of Delhi has been going to either Habib or Yusaf, his brother both completely brilliant hair dressers. It's difficult to get a hold of Yusaf as he changes parlours so often but I would trust him any day of the week and twice on Sunday especially when I'm in a bad mood and a bad haircut is just what you need to lift your spirits. There are loads of new people in town, who are hugely expensive and very shi shi.

  • Habibs.. of course, but Habib doesn't cut anyone's hair any more it's his son Javed. Well, he's quite popular but not a patch on his dad.
  • Jacques Dessange.. Make sure you ask for Charlie
  • Ravissant. I love everything about this place.

Complete Beauty and hair treatments

  • Khubsoorat Beauty Parlours @
    • Kailash Colony Market, Kailash Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110048. Above Annapoorna Sweets. Ask for Lata for a facial, Elena for your hair and Kishan for a pedicure. Do not on any account ever get your make-up done here, it's frightening. Phone- 29234915‎, 29237931
    • Shop No 12, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi-3. Phone- 24635974‎, 24635973‎, Mobile- 9818923730‎
  • Suparna Trikha's Spalon @ B24, Nizamuddin East. Phone- 24358051. Mobile- 9810111782

Nail Art

  • Dar Salon @ E-31/32 2nd Floor, South Extension, Part II. Phone- 41680600, 41645450

Volunteer Tourism

If you've come to gain a wider perspective of the city or of the country CS Group Discussion on this topic

Courses, jobs and odd ends

  • Chintan is constantly on the look out for interns and volunteers for their Delhi office.
  • Salaam Balak Trust Volunteer Options available on the site.
  • Photography course in India? This is a CS Group Discussion. A more recent discussion on where to learn digital photography on the CS Delhi Group has a lot more information.
  • Syncline FilmStore is an extension created by Syncline Films Pvt. Ltd., a committed organization to promote Indian Documentary & Short Films to a worldwide audience. Syncline Filmstore is aimed at becoming a premier online destination for both casual Documentary and short film buffs alike. Syncline FilmStore offers documentaries on a diverse range of subjects, be it politics or environment or sexuality and much more....

Recycling things in Delhi

Delhi with a conscience

International Eco Warriors

"Practical Environmentalist"

Friends of Wildlife

Legal Aid

Legal resources

External Links (Things to do)

Indian Habitat Centre , India International Centre & The Attic You can check these places for some musical gatherings, dance, workshops, exhibits , plays etc.

INTACH(Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage)Check whats happening on the Heritage Festival front in various parts of India

Old Maps/History Check this site for maps, routes, history and tons of info

Delhi Events Name says it all

Doing Delhi(blog) covers few things which are advertised widely and sometimes stuff which you normally wont see being mentined else where.

Rock Street Journal Started as a small time rock magazine in India, today intrumental in promoting rock music and bands in India (and even Jazz & Blues). Check the website for the latest event in Delhi or elsewhere.

For the latest news, exhibitions, events etc in Delhi keep a lookout for the Time Out Delhi

The Ex-pat Delhi Resource Network

Queer of course

Some books and articles to read

Gay Travel and socials

  • Injapink . @ B-91, 1st Floor Lajpat Nagar - I, New Delhi - 24. Phone- 4652-9883, 935-001-3934. According to their website, "Unique custom gay tours that are difficult to arrange and require extraordinary insider connections with remarkable local people. Open the door to gay way of life and deeper insight into the soul of Indian culture and gay India."
  • I found this in the Time Out Delhi listings [email protected] Gay Delhi Sunday Socials
  • Tuesday Nights @ Pegs and Pints, Bar @ Chanakya Lane, Akbar Bhawan Annexe, Chanakyapuri. Phone-26878320
  • Thursday nights at Mirage, the pub at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Maulana Mohammad Ali Marg, Friends Colony, New Delhi. Phone- 41672222
  • Saturday nights at Polka - The Club, 1/F HS-4 Kailash Colony Market (near Greater Kailash Part 1, next to Maxims pastry shop). Phone -9212735569.
  • Connect with Manish Sharma of Boyzone, Delhi fame. This group provides a platform for gay men and women in Delhi to come closer. This is their group on facebook with regular updates on current events including nights out, parties, exhibitions ,events, current news and gossip in the circuit. Contact Email. [email protected] , Mobile - 9212735569 or log onto Manish's webpage
  • Diary of gay man in Delhi . This is a good page for gay travellers in India/Delhi.
  • India"s first store stocking gay pride costumes, or the Pahal Foundation that runs India"s first queer beauty parlour in Faridabad.

Meeting Delhi

Inevitably travellers coming to Delhi want to meet with locals who can guide them in the right direction. There were at least 5 requests over the past two years for introductions to Delhi's iconic photographers/lens people. So here's a list of them.

First CS Meetings in Delhi(2006)

Oct 20, 2006 Roof top Meetup

Photos and write up

Nov 19, 2006 House Party at Kasauli.

Write up on House Party at Kasauli

Feb 25, 2007 Pragati Maidan,English Dairy

Write up and Photos

Mar 31, 2007 Costa Coffee, C.P.

Write up and Photos


  1. Shahjahanabad/Old Delhi Tradition And Colonial Change
  2. Times Good Food Eating Guide 2008
  3. The Delhi That No-One Knows by R.v. Smith (2005)
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