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CouchSurfing Wiki News is the CouchSurfing Wiki news source. Here you are welcome to add information current events, newly implemented features, CouchSurfing on primetime TV, news about Collectives!

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This is an unofficial CouchSurfing news source. Feel free to add anything you think is news worthy for CS! discuss, edit or add news






  • 2008-26-09: Peter Heesakkers who was graduated in June this year with his research on CouchSurfing is nominated for two thesis awards in the Netherlands. in his research he links several theories and tourism practices with CouchSurfing and revised tourism models from Plog and Cohen in order to apply on the practice of CouchSurfing and the changing nature of tourism.
  • 2008-05-09: The Braderie de Lille, the biggest Braderie in Europe will be organised during all the first week end of september. The CS Community of Lille will make a stand for this event. Check the meeting page for more details, and don't hesitate to join us !



  • 2008-05-20: The french Couchsurfers are writing their new French CS Newsletter for french speaking people, describing the France CS Organisation and the CS activity in France. The english version of this letter is coming next !



  • 2008-02-21: Huge downtime of CouchSurfing. Instead of the planned "2 hour maintenance" downtime (this time announced in advance) it persisted until 2008-02-22, noon. In the meantime there was a error message displayed when trying to load the CouchSurfing site telling about small "hiccups" being resolved at the moment and certainly being back on in short time. Back online in fact one and a half day later.




Couchsurfers unite to form their first camp at Burning Man! Burning Man 2007




15 May - Underground CS News launched! Check out the Cutting Room







31 October - CouchSurfing was offline for a while. How did you feel when you saw that database problem thing? Tell us, please. See our crash reports page for more information about these issues. Feel free to voice your opinion. CouchSurfing.com apologizes for the issue. As we mature, we get more stable.

26 October - Start mailing your postcards! We have gotten a location for the collective! And.... we got a special wall just for your postcards! So start sending them! The address for the NZ Collective is: The Couchsurfing Collective - 22 The Cliffs, Brittania Heights - Nelson 7010, NEW ZEALAND.

24 October - CouchSurfing New Zealand Collective Blog online check it out here and if you're going to be there, sign up today! ..and 200 articles in the Wiki!

21 October - You can now link to the CS Wiki with URLs like wiki.couchsurfing.com/en/News.

20 October - The website is slowly being revamped: user profiles and buttons look slightly different now. Some issues have shown up, many of them were fixed immediately

18 October - Le premier article francophone sur le Wiki! ...et 150 articles.

17 October - bugs.couchsurfing.com is up and running, create an account and report and stay updated about da bugz! Check the Mantis guide for CS bug reporters.

10 October - GuakaTalkCS set up a CouchSurfing Wiki Group on CS.

9 October - Vote for the CouchSurfing Collective in New Zealand at Givemeaning.com.

6 October - The travel show CouchSufing is putting together was renamed from "UProduce", to "The War on Them" and all the corresponding information is being changed on the Wiki.


27 September - Now there are links to other sites in the left pane, which makes it easier to navigate to CS, CS groups and Wikitravel. The CouchSurfing Wiki reached 100 articles.

26 September - New Zealand is the coolest place in the world, according to CoolBrands Wikinews.

22 September - You can now upload images and other documents to this wiki.

21 September - The Wiki is now mentioned on the CouchSurfing website. Welcome, y'all! Also, Eric is very actively adding info on The War on Them, an internet based show with viewer participation.


19 August - We've reached 50 articles. CouchSurfing Guide is taking off. If you're interested, please participate in finding the Guide Guidelines.

16 August - Enabled credits for every page of the CouchSurfing Wiki. Now you can quickly see who worked on what. There is an alpha version of Wiki integration into CS (text from here, Wikitravel and the Hitchhiking Wiki). Check the CouchSurfing Guide to Paris and please give feedback. This wiki is developing really fast, and we want you to edit it and start working out ideas!

15 August - Paula Bialski published a very interesting article about Emotional Tourism, An interpretive study of online hospitality exchange systems as a new form of tourism, available at the Hospitality Guide Wiki.

14 August - Some other people are actually editing stuff on the wiki! This is very positive. Soon it will be possible to integrate text from here into (and from Wikitravel, as an extra bonus) into couchsurfing.com.

11 August - Guaka set up and started this wiki.


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