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December 7th 2006

The New-Zealand Collective has been going on for over a month now, but... What have those people been doing deep down South?

The Collective members couldn't work without the community back-up. They are supported by Techies all over the world and volunteers who participate in improving the website. Even though members are constantly supporting CouchSurfing, a Collective allows faster brainstorming and a working-friendly environment to realize projects on the site.

Did you notice?

(new features)

  • The layout of the welcome page has been recently changed. It is now easier for new users to do a Couch search.

/!\ this has been use in the first newsletter... peeps might think we are using teh same stuff.../!\

  • The CouchSurfing wiki now has over 450 articles. You can edit them or create your own. Browsing the wiki is a good way to discover what is being done within CS.
  • Did you know that CouchSurfing has 5 Webserver on the run? If www.couchsurfing.com is down for maintenance don´t hesitate to try either www1, www2, www3, www4 or www5.
  • ff you are not staying logged in, check the "keep me logged in" option below the password field.
  • Some locations are missing or cities are mapped to wrong States. There are problems with Western Australia, Spain and several other locations which should be fixed by the end of the year.
  • The password retrieval is sometimes not working. If this happens, you need to let an Admin know. (how do they let and admin know when they can't login?)
  • Did you see the nearby travellers on your homepage? You have now more opportunities to meet more CouchSurfers.
  • You are now able to Change your Username by yourself, but only once every three months. If you want to modify it more often, please contact a CouchSurfing admin via the Contact Us area. For Security Reasons the Original Username will be archived in the Database.

/!\ isn't it better to save all the nickname used instead ofthe original one only?/!\

Bugs recently fixed

People report bugs everyday in the group[1] and are fixed by the Tech Team. Most of the Tech Team members live at the Collective.

Major bugs to be fixed

  • Verified Members Level 3: After the crash, some Level 3 members were downgraded to Level 2. This will hopefully be fixed before the end of the year. If you have any questions about this, please contact the admins.
  • Group Postings: the feature "ONLY email it to the person I am replying to" is currently not working. Please be aware that the posts you are sending are being read by all group members.
  • Matrixpoint has worked on fixing a bug that prevents reset passwords to be sent.

Upcoming features

  • Translations are available again. Volunteers have begun translating the site into several languages. We still need help, so if you are an expert in translating or want to volunteer, please visit the translation group
  • The Beta test serverhas been set early on during the NZ Collective.It should help preventing things like sudden layout changes not to be seen on site as often as during the past few weeks.
  • Creating a CouchSurfing Phone system. CouchSurfers will be able to connect from all over the world to other CouchSurfers without using the internet, making CouchSurfing use even easier.

/!\ hot topic!! the feedback on the chat were kind of bad on the chat after the first newsletter. if u wana speak on it on this news letter... i think we should do a real description of it (and not with a link to the wiki) but including in the letter to not let people wiht doubt. what about an interview of leo who is working on it??? kind of Q&A./!\

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