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Nordic Countries

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The Nordic Countries are:

Nordic CS Organization


Popular destinations

Dressing Right for the North

In some of the Nordic Countries there is a saying: "There is no bad weather only bad clothes"

Things you need to survive the winter up north: A cap, gloves, a guilted jacket, boots, a scarf, warm socks and extra pants to wear under your regular pants.

The secret of dressing for cold climate is layers. What actually keeps you warm is the air between the layers. To dress ideally you should wear 3 layers: long underwear that ideally moves humidity from your skin and still stays dry (some wintersports clothes are excellent for this, cotton is one of the worst, it'll just suck the humidity and feel wet and uncomfortable), the second, thicker layer (fleece or wool for example, wool is very good since it can get very humid without feeling wet at all and still be very warm) and the top layer that rebels the wind. If you see that there's for example -10 degrees outside, it tells you nothing: with wind it can easily feel colder than -20 or even -30.

There should be enough space between the layers, only the first layer should be tight fitting. But of course it's understandable that if you're just visiting a place you don't have ideal clothes or couldn't even find them in your country. Then just try to wear whatever clothes in layers and remember to protect your head, neck, hands and feet. Remember also that you shouldn't be too hot: swetting isn't good, it will make you freeze in the end. The easiest way to control your body temperature is by your head and neck, if you're too hot, just remove or open your hat and /or scarf for a while but remember not to make it too long and if you're already wet (swetting) be very careful when opening your clothes, you really get cold very quickly!

Remember that if your shoes are a bit too big you can wear woollen socks which are strongly recommended in low temperatures. It's much better than having too tight shoes and no possibilities to wear anything under them. If you plan to stay in cold countries longer, you can visit local second hand shops, there you'll find easily and quite cheaply suitable clothes.

Northen Lights

The northern lights is a very beautiful green light that occurs when charged particles (mostly electrons) collide with atoms and molecules of the Earth´s upper atomsphere.

The northern lights is also called aurora borealis, and can often be seen from September to October and from March to April.


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