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Org Structure Branches

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Welcome to the CouchSurfing Organizational Structure

The CouchSurfing Org Structure organizes all member volunteers into teams. Whatever your talents or area of interest, you can find the best team to work with!

How to Use This Page

This page shows the four main branches of the Org Structure, represented by four colored boxes. Within each main branch are secondary branches, displayed underneath. Each secondary branch also has sub branches that are not shown on this page. However, you can click on any branch title to explore its deeper branches.

Each branch also has an associated team that you can join. For example, the main branch called "Product Development" has a team you can join and it's secondary branch, "Translation", also has a team you can join. You could also click on "Translation" to see more branches with other teams you can join.

Active & Inactive Teams

The Org structure has just been created and many of the teams are not very active yet. You can see which teams are active by looking at the symbol next to the branch title:

  • File:Checkmark icon.png Active Team: We strongly recommend that new volunteers join active teams. Active teams have a group moderator, active volunteers, and working projects that need your help.

  • File:Caution icon.png Inactive Team: Only experienced volunteers interested in leading a team should join an inactive team. If you find that your area of interest lies within one of these inactive teams, you must be aware that you'll have to get things started on your own. Also, when new volunteers join your team, you'll have to be prepared to help them get started. Starting up an inactive team can be a real struggle. Please don't get in over your head!

  • File:Cautional checkmark icon.png Active sub branches: This branch's team is inactive, however it has sub branches with active teams. To see which teams are active, you will need to click on the branch title to explore its sub branches.

Other Ways to Volunteer

Teams in the Org Structure are just one of the ways to volunteer for CouchSurfing. There are faster and easier ways to help that you can do on your own without having to join a team. Visit the volunteer gateway page to learn more.

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