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Roles of people in CouchSurfing

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What are the roles of people in CouchSurfing?


Any CouchSurfer

Is sometimes a host, sometimes a guest.

Ideally many CouchSurfers will at some point start working on improving CouchSurfing itself. By partaking in editing on this wiki, helping out with answer Contact Us questions, setting up meetings, doing administrative work. ...


CouchSurfing ambassadors are not representatives of CouchSurfing.


CouchSurfing collectives were meeting places for people who actively want to cooperate on improving CouchSurfing.


CouchSurfing has a limited number of administrators. They can do things such as monitor security on the site (dealing with users with suspicious motives), deal with other more sensitive issues, handle verifications, reset passwords, change usernames etc.


Four people started the CouchSurfing project, the founders.


Note: these are higly speculative, CS organizational structure is still under discussion by founders, admins and collective participants.

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