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Syria is located in the Middle East. It's also a Mediterranean country. It's a peaceful place for Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Kurds. Forests and deserts are encountered in this small country, and every city dates back to at least 2000 years ago.


CouchSurfing Community

In the year 2005, the number of the Syrian Surfers was only 25. In September 2006, the number reached about 70 Surfers, and the community is expanding everyday.

There are few Syrian CouchSurfers, but they are active and so welcoming. Most Syrian CouchSurfers know each others either before joining or through the project, they also organize regular meet-ups and try always to manage to help the coming Surfers.

How to contact

If you don’t have enough time to search in the profiles, the fastest way could be by registering in Syria group and posting a general request.



Mohammed Barri is an active CouchSurfer from Aleppo.

Emad Alsagheer is an active CouchSurfer from Damascus.

How to be a good guest

  1. It’s always nice to ask if you should remove your shoes while entering your hosts house.
  2. Try to show respect for elderly people, always stand when you first meet them and smile while greeting them.
  3. It’s always preferable if you ask your host about his attribute toward drinking alchoholic drinks before asking for a drink or asking him to take you to a bar. The reaction toward drinking could vary from welcomed in some societies or invividuals to frowned upon in others.csgroup:272
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