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My CouchSurfing Profile James studies Political Science, French, and Spanish in Nashville where he is from.

This page is not meant as an exposition space about all my interests and stunning personality. For that you may look at my CS Profile. What follows is mostly scrap, changing frequently.

I want the wiki to remain open for all couchsurfers to edit.


To Do:

  • add header and links to Italy pages, kill city template
  • Australia, header and local links, kill city template, merge some pages into states
  • Region Template, template:region
  • Ambassadors create header template for all amb pages with links, and a little yellow flag on left. organize it better: include links to Tech features for ambassadors other similar pages from links to
  • header template for cs guide pages, reorganize the guide, include region, country, state, city, linking to each, ask for CS group, wikitravel, wikipedia, separate country guide template automatically categorize as in country. Template:City, Template:Country, maybe a link to org group/page
  • Answers to some frequently occurring contact us questions- move to CUQ FAQ or something similarly short, add NOTOC create truncated TOC with section links, update it.
  • There is a central america category, add a carribean category or merge them.


new country header

smaller countries have fewer associated pages but would still benefit from a common header:

Denmark Flag of Denmark Category, Couchsurfing group, Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Hitchwiki Copenhagen, Roskilde, Odense, Århus, Aalborg

Great ideas

the following is a piece of an idea tracker (name of page will eventually be changed)

The progress stages are as follows:

  1. yellow means that a description has been compiled and edited on the wiki linked below
  2. then the LT/admins are asked to evaluate the idea, either rejecting it (for being technically unfeasible, or not being in sync with the desires of the LT/admins) or giving it the go ahead. The answer will be in the form of a simple yes (thumbs up) or no (thumbs down). No answers will require some explanation, linked to below. Rejected ideas will eventually moved to an archive of rejected ideas, possibly simply another section of the page and removed from the queue
  3. at this point the idea dev team volunteer attached to the idea writes the idea into a draft proposal and re-opens discussion of the idea in Brainstorm with a link to the google doc containing the proposal linked to here with a closing time/date for comments and contributions. at that point the proposal is finalized and sent to the LT/Admins for review at which point the idea move to red meaning that the idea dev process is complete for that idea
  4. finally, green indicates that an idea has been successfully implemented. these will be moved to an archive of implemented ideas, probably on the same page.

none of this is possible/feasible without parser functions working on this wiki.

Idea Tracker
Idea Volunteer Progress Age
1. Double Profiles JamesTalkCS 6
2. xxxxx [1] 2
3. xxxxx [2] 5
4. xxxxx [3] 38
5. xxxxx [4] 19

Other ideas

  • an indication of the age of the idea at different stages would be good. with ongoing calculation so we can see how long an idea has been waiting to pass to the next step.
  • a link to the volunteer attached to each idea
  • no set number of ideas working in the queue but an understanding of what the normal level should be (5 maybe) and a maximum supported by template (10). The template would then adjust automatically
  • breaking the process up into multiple queues for different types of ideas, each with specific people who will look at them, ie a general catchall, and separate ones for admin tools, and policy.
  • a simple poll used to go from a list of ideas gleaned from groups (mostly brainstorm) by volunteers to a short prioritized list of the ideas that people feel should be developed. The ones left behind will stay in the pool at least until the next poll after which some criteria will be used to decide wheter or not to keep them. In which case they will go to an archive, like the rejected ideas.
  • a specific team of self-appointed idea dev volunteers with badges, in a list on the page so people can see them.
  • a notice/poicy that all discussion of these and future ideas should take place in the respective groups, not here, this is only a repository of compiled information.
  • maybe have an up-down vote on individual ideas by individual members like on other wikis, though this tends to lend a voice only to those comfortable with wikis.
  • link should be eliminated, the name of the ideas should be made as hyperlinks to the section on the page then all the threads discussing the idea can be linked to there.
  • A template for the Idea Tracker Project (to be renamed, as template on all related pages if more than one, or simply a more organized TOC)
<---to be used in a volunteer template. medium and small to place under volunteers use same template with small setting changing everything around with #if: perhaps one for each member adjusting only "small" and anything else you can think of
Idea Tracking
About Help
The ideas The rejects
somebody else

For age tracking year|month|day all in numbers then compared with variables for current date. should work something like:

{{#expr:{{CURRENTYEAR}}{{CURRENTMONTH}}{{CURRENTDAY}}-{{{year}}}{{{month}}}{{{day}}}}} days

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